Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Fun Making Activities for Family Entertainment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi people are normally fun loving but they have to face problems because of limited resourced of entertainment available to them. They celebrate events and extract opportunities for spending quality time for enjoyment. Although there are no night clubs, disco, or any mix gathering allowed in Saudi Arabia. Moreover western drinks and alcohol is also forbidden in kingdom. Still there are several ways of entertainment despite of restrict rules for gender mixing in a gathering.

Farm Houses
Saudi’s normally spend their holidays in their farm houses. They are commonly known as Estraha. Estraha means farm where women can enjoy quality time with their families. They don’t have to follow Hijab restriction as these farms have high walls. These farms are available on rent basis as well. Those who can’t buy their own farm can hire one for spending memorable time.

Sports and Challenging Activities
Youngster Saudi normally spend their time in various sports and challenging activities i.e. skiing on sand, cycling, wheeling or riding on sand dunes. This activity is popular among young generation. They also entertain themselves by paragliding and sky drive on personal aircrafts. This is an expensive activity and only those who are wealthy enough can enjoy this outside Riyadh and some other cities.

Shopping and window shopping in Malls
Saudi women find enjoyment in visiting malls and shopping centers. Although Saudi kingdom is not as much developed as western countries but malls are completely modernized. There are many Mega malls where women can shop freely. They get opportunity to spend time in fun making activities with their children. Saudi parents are so concerned about their kids so they find it their biggest entertainment activity to spend fun making time with their children. These mega malls have several activities for kids that range from rollercoaster to bumper cars. We have provided a list of ”Best Shopping Malls in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi kingdom is a mysterious city to discover. For having a rich Islamic history it has a strong attraction not only for locals but also for people from abroad. It has several places which people love to discover and visit. One of another popular activity in Saudi Arabia for entertainment is to go Geocaching. Geocaching which is pronounced as geocashing comprises of a challenging activity of finding prizes. Prizes are actually hidden by other geocasher. Geocaching network and websites facilitate users to a wide variety of geocaching opportunities. We have published a detailed article upon this subject "Geocaching in Saudi Arabia"

Spelunking is a mode of entertainment mostly liked by adults and men. It comprises of discovery of caves and hidden places under earth. Saudi kingdom comprises of dunes of sand and mysterious and appealing places. Caving is very common and appreciated by youngsters. University tours, visits of tourist from abroad or national and international researches in Saudi kingdom are just incomplete without spelunking.

Saudi kingdom has numerous fun making opportunities. Although one has to follow some restrictions and rules especially women. It is a complete site for doing challenging activities. Activities like skiing, geo caching, Spelunking, diving or riding and many more. The simple thing you have to follow is to be respectful towards rules and regulation regarding certain matters like sex racism or Hijab. Moreover the punishment criterion is strict in kingdom so fun activities should be planned deliberately for spending quality time.


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