Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stigma of Not Reporting Rape Cases

In our society rape stigma has increased by a significant rate. It does not only damage a girl’s personality but also snatch the right to report the case in order to get justice. As most victims are reluctant to file the case for many reasons, the most important factor is to retain reputation.  For the same reason even counseling of victim is ignored in order to suppress the incident. This cautious approach of victim’s family helps rapist and serial addicts to continue their activities more comfortably. It not only suppresses the feelings of victims, but also deprives her from justice. It is not only your right but your responsibility to complaint against it in the Police so that they can take action. Police force of our country is one of the best police in the entire region but they cannot take any action until they are informed about it.

Police caught a man blamed for stealing and assaulting young ladies from 13 to 16 years old. The man has been distinguished as a teacher and a wedded father of five kids. Such an alarming condition where even married men are involved in such cases depicts upside down side of society. He has been proved a rapist after been recognized by many victims. Moreover his house was identified as crime place. He used to commit his crime in his rest house situated in side areas.  Another case of same nature was reported by a mall authority. An eight years old girl got raped inside mall. The mother left the daughter in children playground. When she came back after shopping she found her daughter no where. After a hectic search she saw her outside mall in critical condition. She had been raped brutally and was in terrible situation. This incident had put the victim and her whole family in severe mental trauma.

It was not the end of troubles for that innocent girl. She totally wrecked down. Many families do not file case for fearing reputation loss. They change their residence. Even this step does not drag rape victim out of trauma. She keeps on facing mental trauma. She is disowned by her family especially father. There are so many other cases reported or unreported. HXXXX and SXXXX are further victims of this trauma. They faced the same stigma and kept on deprived of justice due to so called family statuses and traumas. HXXXX was being raped on her way to school. She could hardly save her life by crawling towards home after the brutal incident.

The family did the same like the previous case, they changed their town and the girl again had to face brutal behavior by family members. This is not the end of the rape stigma. MXXXX, another native of Jaddah suffered the same loss. However after the initial same behavior, the family moved on and filed the case after getting encouragement from social cricle. According to medical experts and psychiatrist these crimes wreck down children life totally. They can hardly get back their self-confidence. Moreover it promotes fear and dissatisfaction in society as a whole.

The purpose of writing this article is to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters living with me is to report any kind of bad incidents to the police. If you do not report it to police, there are chances that someone else will also become the victim of his brutality. Society is the collection of individuals. If you want to change society, you will have to change yourself. Let's start from myself, from yourself and start protecting the rape victims. Let's respect them as any other person. It is not her fault and she should not be punished for it.

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