Thursday, October 2, 2014

Virgin Mobile MEA- 4th Mobile Phone Operator in Saudi Arabia

After six years of launching last mobile phone operator, Saudi Authorities have finally issued license in KSA to the giant operator namely Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile will bring a real competition to the market as they will have to secure place in the already saturated market. Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Mobily and Zain are the three existing mobile phone operators in Saudi Arabia. The company which has been given license by the CITC (Communication and Information Technology Commission) in Saudi Arabia is Virgin Mobile MEA (Middle East and Africa) which is a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile main company has operations in 11 countries and Saudi Arabia will be fifth country for Virgin Mobile MEA. You can analyze how competition is going to increase after the launch of Virgin MEA in Saudi Arabia. The direct benefit of the competition is always to the general public.

Virgin Mobile Packages
Virgin Mobile will be launching two brands in the beginning, targeting Saudi Youth and Expatriate Community. They know that youth is the most liquid mobile users and they can be easily attracted by the new mobile phone operator. Saudis who are above youth age are difficult to attract since they have long association with the mobile number they are using. Secondly, expatriate community is also very easy to be attracted. You just give them low rates of phone calls to their respective countries and they will be attracted towards the new service. They are launching two brands “Virgin Mobile” for youth of Saudi Arabia and "Friendi Mobile" for expatriate market of KSA. With the strategy they are trying to enter to Saudi Arabia shows their good home work.

Job Opportunities in Virgin Mobile KSA
Virgin Mobile is a multinational company as I have already mentioned. They are known worldwide for the lucrative packages which they offer to their employees. As they are 4th mobile phone Operator Company in Saudi Arabia, so they are in need of thousands of workers at all levels. I think it is best time to enter into a multinational and very competitive business environment of cellular services. If you want to apply for any job, you need to send your profile with a brief introduction at this email address I have applied for my respective job; you should not wait for it.

Get your Desired Number in Virgin Mobile KSA
Now you can even book your desired number in virgin mobile. Normal numbers are free of charge but charges of Gold and Silver number are SR 2000 and SR 1000 respectively.  You can even book the same number which you are using right now with any other mobile operator. They are launching themselves with the mobile operator code 057. I have booked my desired number in the free category. What is your plan? You can get your desired number by clicking on this link or the image above. Following video can also help you in booking the number.

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