Saturday, October 11, 2014

Punishment for Casting Black Magic Spells in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia the witchcraft culture is something which is not very common. It is simply an anachronistic superstitious concept which is strictly prohibited in Islam. Even such a crucial warning has announced for a witch or magic spell practitioner that he/she would not be anymore Muslims after this act. For the same reason years back few reports on witchcraft caused authorities to hang accused people. Among those who were charged with witchcraft punishment majority was of foreigners or illiterate persons. There are no definite criteria of witchcraft in Islam. It falls even beyond the boundary of magic spell or superstitious dark ages act. Even fortune telling or study or practice of astrology can be considered as witchcraft in Saudi Arabia.

Witchcraft trend
In Saudi Arabia an anti-witchcraft unit has been established by authorities. The duty of this unit is to suspect someone involved in magic. The unit first observes the activities of a suspicious person specially outsiders. Then in case activities have taken as suspicious, sufficient evidence has to be gathered against the accused person. The evidence comprise of any rare fluid like blood, charms, a book on witchcraft knowledge and presence of any strange thing.

Purpose of witchcraft culture
In west witchcraft culture is adopted for wealth, fame, money, love or anything which is desirable but can’t be acquired through employing natural resources. In Saudi Arabia although this activity is not that much prevalent but still some people carry on such activities secretly in order to fulfill their desires.

Accused victims in Saudi Kingdom
Saudi religious police unit suspected a Lebanese TV celebrity due religious pilgrimage Hajj. He used to conduct a show on Lebanon TV related to predictions and fortune telling about people. He was charged with accuse of being involved in non religious activities. The police unjustifiably pressurized him to confess his crime if he wants to go back to his home land. Under pressure he confessed this before judge after that his confession further headed him towards more difficulty. The court announced capital punishment for him. He got freed when international pressure was built up by Lebanon and other humanity movements in world. The supreme court of Kingdom gave its verdict that his acts never harmed anyone.

Keeping in view the above mentioned cases, it is clear that punishment for Witchcraft is very strict in Saudi Arabia. There were several cases during previous years in which people were charged with capital punishment due to being accused of witchcraft and magic spell. The standard punishment in Saudi law for proved witchcraft activity is Capital punishment. There are some other activities which fall in this activity regarding this punishment. Even forecasting regarding one’s life fall in this category and the accused one can be charged to the same punishment. In Saudi Arabia every one especially a foreigner should be very cautious about any such activity. A little careless act can cause deadly consequences.


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