Thursday, October 30, 2014

Woman Assaulted by Municipality Employees in Makkah

The Saudi Gazette reported another woman auscultation case in Makah. Reports state that a middle age woman Hasinah Al-Fahmi has been beaten up by municipal committee members of Makah. The reason of assault is reported that she used to sell little accessories and stuff near Grand mosque. She was forced by municipality members to stop selling goods. They suddenly rushed at her place and asked her to move away without taking her luggage. She tried to calm them down and asked them to give her some time for collecting her goods. They did not bother about her request and started beating her. They not only physically assaulted her but also snatched her goods. She kept on making requests to give her safe exit but they did not stop beating her.

She was beaten up to such an extent that she was given medical treatment at Al Noor specialist hospital for around one week for rehabilitation from injuries. The case been reported to police station, an initial investigation carried on about the matter. Still after 2 months of incident her case is still pending at Al-Mansour police station. Al-Fahmi is a middle age poor woman, who has to look after her 8 family members comprising of her husband, 5 sons and 2 daughters. Her husband got retired from army due to his poor health and is unable to support his family. Al Fahmi has to run family expenses on nominal pension of her husband. She has to pay her house rent i.e. SR 19,200 and has to pay her children school fees. She is also responsible for household running expenses. For all those expenses pension amount was not pretty good enough.

All these problems forced her to sell goods near Grand Mosque (Makah). By hawking goods there she could be able to earn money for her household expenses. Everything was going fine and she was earning a reasonable amount as people across the globe visit there and sale ration was satisfactory for her life. This incident collapsed not only her source of income but dropped her in great misery. She had to admit in Al Noor hospital for her treatment for injuries due to beating of committee members. Although investigations are going on into the alleged incident according to which committee members had beaten the innocent members. It is expected that rule violators shall be punished according to the rules and law.

Ministry of social affairs is also taking into account material needs of woman. This support shall make her and her family stable to some extent and will support them financially. Such cases of women assault are increasing in KSA these days. In KSA working women has to face so many social issues. Especially low status jobs such as hawker, housemaids and helpers at hospitals etc are treated in a humiliated way. Ministry of social affairs should take into account these increasing incidents. Otherwise working women may fall into a trauma of discouragement.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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