Thursday, October 30, 2014

Young Girls Marrying to Old Uncles

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lower age marriages are common especially in case of girls. Few rich people  approach poor families and ask their daughters hand against marriage money (Maher). This marriage money is to be given to family of girl before marriage agreement is signed. Due to several reasons the trend of young girls marrying to old uncles is increasing. Sometimes you see a couple and think that the male has brought his granddaughter for shopping but the very next moment you realize that she is his wife. Ministry of Interior has finally intervened into this and set minimum age of marriage in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry of interior has drafted law for minimum age marriages. According to this law it is restricted to marry a girl under 16 to an elder man without any solid grounds. These young age marriages not only affect social culture, also medically unsuitable for the health of girls. It affects new generation from such married girl. By such practice many health issues are spreading in society. The interior ministry laid several restrictions on marriage of young age girls. In case of any young marriage under 16, following step to be followed by guardians
First of all guardian has to apply in special court for obtaining waiver for marriage of girl under 16 years old;

  1. A thoroughly signed medical report has to be submitted in court by a gynecologist of girl
  2. Complete evidence of girl’s maturity need to be presented at court
  3. The verbal and written consent of girl has to be filed along with other evidences
  4. The age difference among girl and her prospective husband must not be more than a specific limit

After ministry of interior affairs has taken into account such incidents it is expected that now such cases shall get a pause at least.


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