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10 mind blowing facts about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is reputed to be violator of human rights, mostly when it comes to women. Well that’s not right. There are many more things about Saudi Arabia which isn’t yet known to many. In my article today I will be informing you about the hidden facts of Saudi Arabia. There is nothing wrong about it though, every nation has its own rules and regulations and no one has ever or can ever question it because in the end these laws benefit the citizens only.

The Lingerie Shop Problem
Women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to work in Saudi Arabia. As a result of this, female customers had to buy the lingerie from the male staff working in the lingerie shops. Women used to feel awkward buying underwear from men so there was a campaign held by the women for banning the men from working a women underwear shops. Soon enough the raising voice of the women’s were heard and then inspections were done at the lingerie shops and if they found men working there then they were threatened with closure.

Votes for Women
Saudi Arabia was the last country in the world until 2011 to deny votes to the Women (except Brunei where they deny votes to everyone). However, King Abdullah (RIP) ruled in favor of women rights allowing women to vote but since they are not allowed to drive there should be voting offices near their house so that they do not have to face any problem. 2015 will be the first year Saudi women will vote so let’s see what really happens then.

Shortage of Executors for Beheading
Death penalty is very common in Saudi Arabia. Individuals here are killed for committing crimes like adultery, renouncing Islam or other unforgivable sins according to Islam.  Most of these executions take place by beheading the criminal but by the 2013, the Saudi government is finding an alternative method since there is a shortage of swordsmen which has also caused them to turn up quite late in public executions. Therefore the government has switched the beheading for swordsmen to the firing squad.

Abayas for U.S. Military Service Women
Not only this, in 2011 the women who were in the U.S. military were informed to wear an Abaya which would cover them from head to toe while they were off base. This was instructed to them so the locals wouldn’t feel offended even though the non-Muslims aren’t really required to wear this dress. Later then the congress passed a law making it illegal to require servicewomen to wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia.

Water Problem
Fourthly, Saudi Arabia is facing water problems. For the past few decades, Saudi Arabia has drained a large aquifer. When it started it had more water than Lake Erie but now only 20% of this water is left. Well because of this water reduction, the crop production is being affected.

World’s Tallest Building
Let me get you all excited by telling you that by 2018, the title of ‘World’s tallest building’ will be given to a tower in Saudi Arabia. Yes, Kingdom tower is known to be more than 3,280 feet in to the sky. This tower will include a hotel, observatory and space for offices as well.

Drifting by Saudi Boys
This is not it, Saudi’s are expert at sidewalk skiing. This refers to the tipping the car onto its side wheels on the road and then climbing out of the window and standing on top of the vehicle. The most amusing style of this skiing is changing the tires of the two airborne wheels while the car is in motion.

Buying Innocence
Seventhly, in Saudi Arabia, there is a concept of paying blood money which means that the criminal can pay the money to avoid the punishment and get away with it. The price is around $106,000 to avoid punishment of murder. Though if a woman is murdered then the person can get away with it by paying half of the price.

The Magic Police
It is also illegal to practice any kind of magic in Saudi Arabia. The police have special set up to catch witches and people trying to practice magic. Some have been beheaded for practicing magic as it is a capital offense. 

Hajj Quotas
Firstly did you know that in 2012 Saudi Arabia; Mecca, over 3 million Muslims made pilgrimage. This ritual performing is called ‘Hajj’ which is one of the most holy things a Muslim performs in his entire lifetime. While these individual come for religious purposes, they certainly did not come alone. As you can expect that the huge number of people at one place can be the reason of any problem. It has caused unknown virus come a live known as the SARS-like virus which has caused for the loss of 50 people. So the government is urging the Muslims to limit the number of Hajis coming after that.

Well I hope you liked reading these hidden facts about Saudi Arabia. Isn’t it really cool to know secrets about your Saudi Arabia? Well do share your views about these mind blowing facts.

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