Saturday, November 15, 2014

20 Years Cap on Expats Residency is Proposed in Kuwait

A proposal has been presented by MP Abdullah Al Tamimi regarding expatriate residency policy. According to this proposal an expat who is unskilled or semi-skilled can stay only up to the age of 50 years in country. After that he has to leave the country for his native town along with his family. In case of a skilled or professional expat like doctors, engineers or any other professional, he can stay in country till 70. This proposal aims at capping the expat population in country maximum up to 15 % of total populations. The expatriates can stay inside country up to maximum 20 years of his stay.

Kuwait is the home town of 2.8 million expatriates that comprises of mainly unskilled laborers. These workers relate to construction business and housemaids. Although they are contributing hard to the prosperity of community but the huge number of expatriates has created a demographic imbalance in the country. The figure of expatriates in country have reached up to two third of total population of Kuwait. In order to reduce increasing number of expats in country, law makers have suggested several recommendations in order to reduce number expatriates in country. These expatriates are classified into two groups. One class belongs to unskilled of semi skilled individuals and the other one comprises of skilled laborers. For both classes different proposals have been presented by law makers in parliament.

The number of expatriates present in Kuwait is mainly based on few major countries. Among these countries India, Egypt and Bangladesh has major population percentage out of total two third individuals in country. This policy if implemented shall mainly affect Indian expats in country. The number of Indians in country currently is around 700,000 the Egyptian expats are around 500,000 standing at second number in total populations of foreigner and at number third is Bangladesh with 200,000 nationals.

This is not the first law proposal presented by MP Abdullah in this regards. His first proposal related to cap on expat residency was rejected due to strict clauses related to deprivation of expats for residency license. It is expected that this proposal shall get an acceptance by majority of parliamentarians. The stay of such a huge number of expats in country gives rise to so many issues along with demographic imbalance. There are so many security issues related to expats living in country along with high costs of livelihood.

This law proposal is currently focusing on reduction of numbers of foreign population in country with 1.2 million individuals in total. According to MP Abdullah this proposal should cover all expats in country equally. Law makers are hopeful that this proposal shall help in reduction of up to 100,000 expats in coming ten years. Moving on this figure shall reach up to reduction of 50 % individuals in coming 30- 40 years. According to Dhikra Al Rashidi ‘’ this proposal shall help in maintenance of demographic balance in country by sending back expats to their hometowns’’. Moreover this is responsibility of state to implement demographic balancing plans in order to reduce marginalized labor force in country.

Source: Gulf News


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