Monday, November 17, 2014

7 Harrowing Minutes in Manhole of Tahlia Street

A very sad incident occurred in front of Jeddah mall where a man and his 5 years old son fell down in a manhole. Civil defense force reached the incident place in time and they were dragged out of the whole. During this activity they again fell down and while doing a second attempt to take them outside they were still alive. Despite the timely recovery of the incident, their lives could not be saved and both of them died in the ambulance on their way to the hospital.

Witnesses at the spot added that they heard yelling at someone near the commercial mall. A security rescuer AL Ghamdi narrated the whole incident that after hearing the shouting of victims he asked the crowd about happening. After hearing the sad news he stepped down in the hole in order to try to save precious lives, he went 3 meters down in the whole despite the severe heat of manhole oil. Both father and son were alive at that time. The son was in bad condition even more than the father. The rescuer gave his hand to the man, who was trying to clutch his son's hand. They both were alive at that time.

The rescuer tried hard to hold both of them. Few from the crowd threw a rope down inside the hole. The man tried to grab the rope but meanwhile they again fell down. In the second attempt to take them out of the hole, they were still alive. During taking them to the hospital they lost their lives and could not survive. Al-Ghamdi presented gratitude from the director of security patrols in Jeddah. He presented the honor to him for his precious and devoted efforts to save father and son. He mentioned that Al-Ghamdi has set a good example for every other security officer to give his best to serve the community.

Such a terrible news saddened whole community. It has also raised so many questions regarding municipality responsibilities. It is not the first incident regarding the irresponsible behavior of municipality authorities. A recent case had been adjourned in administrative court of Jeddah. This case highlighted negligence of municipality officers and employees regarding the implementation of flood aversion program. The case is pending in respective court and involves 13 men as accused of the flood in the city. According to sources, the case has to proceed on from coming month in court.

The case highlights the negligence of former officer of municipality authority. The officer was assigned the project of 5,000 lids for uncovered manholes. The project was completed by a local person at a very nominal price of SR 20 for each lid. The work was completed by an Arab local person whereas the company to whom the project was assigned has received SR 100,000. These sewerage issues are a big question mark on authorities. Such small negligence cost precious lives. In this regard, authorities have to play their active role to assure no such incident takes place again.

Source: Arab News

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