Sunday, November 2, 2014

7 things on your Facebook Profile which employers hate the most

Ever thought of how background checks are performed by prospective employers? If you think keeping an updated and seemingly professional Linkedin account is enough to leave a good impression on recruiters, think again! It is pretty logical to search people on Facebook to get a glimpse of their personality. After all, that is where the actual social and personal interactions happen. You may think that your Facebook profile is your personal space and should not have any effect on your job offers, but you are wrong. Today all employers are interested in more than an applicant's academics and work history. There is increased emphasis on hiring people who are the 'right fit' for the organizations. Therefore recruiters are looking for more than your skills; they want someone who has the right personality for the organization. To cut this short, when applying for jobs, work at keeping not only your Linkedin profile up-to-date, but also spend some time on your Facebook timeline and look for things that could cast you in a negative light. The 7 most basic things that may turn away prospective employers are:

  1. Language: Make sure the statuses you post and the comments you leave on photos and/or articles are in decent language without any cuss words. You may be swearing just for fun but an unknown person may judge you on basis of it.
  2. Grammar: Another poor reflection of your personality is if you write like this: " I m r3AllY H@PpY 2day" or use spellings such as 'skool', 'awl' and 'thanx'. It is high time you start writing like an educated person. Such language is no longer considered cool. It just seems immature.
  3. Disrespecting religion:  Islam is a huge part of the Saudi culture and as such, any offensive comments regarding it will obviously not be taken lightly.
  4. Strong opinions: You may hate an ethnicity or country or support an unpopular cause, but please ensure you are not using Facebook as a medium to spew hate. Also remember that this organization will have a predominant culture with certain values and mindset and anything too strong that defies what they stand for will automatically become a negative point for you.
  5. Targeting past employers: Never use Facebook to make fun of your previous bosses because the first thing that the recruiter will think of is that if you can do that to your previous boss, you can do the same to him.
  6. Embarrassing pictures: You can have all the pictures you want in the most awkward of poses and wearing whatever you want, but please keep them on strict privacy. You do not want your prospective employer to think lesser of you after seeing embarrassing pictures of you. This holds true especially in the conservative culture of KSA.
  7. Association with awkward pages: If you are still playing Farmville or Candy crush and annoying people with your requests or joining embarrassing groups, PLEASE STOP. The last thing you want your recruiter to see is you liking pages such as 'Hot Arabs'.


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