Sunday, November 30, 2014

4 Airport Etiquettes to maintain while Entering to Saudi Arabia

People travelling to KSA have to follow several rules and regulations in order to prevent any kind of difficult situation. Some people visit KSA for jobs and few come to see its culture and meet friends and family. It is necessary for expats to get a detailed guideline related to etiquette about landing on KSA airport. Men have to change their dresses and women have to follow this practice as well. People who are non-Muslim or are traveling to KSA for the very first time must know about related guidelines before. Today we shall be discussing about the airport etiquette to enter to Saudi Arabia.

Dress Code
Many foreigners ask related questions that how should they dress up while entering Saudi Arabia or how should they adapt their dressing or life style to adjust easily in KSA? They all need to take primary changes in their dressing style first of all. Women before landing to KSA airport wear a loose Abaya. For those who are not Muslims, there is no compulsion related to scarf wearing but it is recommended for them to have scarf with them in order to prevent any kind of awkward situation.

Male and Female Separation at Airports
Not only at transport area of airport, even inside the airport there are separated areas for women and families for different passengers. Where families are present, male and female members of same family can stay together without any separation need. For single men, separate areas are reserved which are different than family lounges. Women who are traveling alone can stay at specified areas and easily get the required procedure done without any difficulty. They can move to ticket counters where staff without any discrimination for being alone, treat these women courteously.

Travelling from Airport to Destination
From Airport to desired destinations there is taxi service available at all airports. For families there is facility for separated compartments. At all airports of Jeddah, Riyadh and Madinah these  taxies are easily available for passengers. For a western woman it is recommended to opt for a private taxi service to reach required destination. In case sponsor has not furnished any transport, these women can better stay with earlier reserved taxi services. Even when a woman has to travel alone, these taxi services are trust worthy enough to travel alone to any destination.

Discrimination with Single Women
Although there are so many difficulties for a single and alone woman to stay in Kingdom without any male member, despite of this fact there are so many women traveling to Saudi Arabia and staying there without any hesitation or fear. For those expat women, it is recommended to wear Abaya even when it is not mandatory for them. It will make them save from any kind of bad circumstances. Single women are discriminated by double standard attitude of Saudi men. For this reason it is better to act like a typical Saudi woman for the period they are staying inside the Kingdom.


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