Friday, November 7, 2014

Why Child Abuse is Alarmingly High in our Society?

Being victim to sexual harassment early in life is definitely not a fun experience, but alas it is something with which many children in this cruel world has to face. Many kids in our society are subject to some form of sexual abuse, and that too, at an early age. Munera Abdul Rahman’s study showed that 49% of sexual abuse cases involve kids fourteen or younger, which is not only disgusting, but also pretty dangerous from a medical point of view. There are still no clear figures or statistics on the topic yet, since it’s still considered a huge scandal and an ‘oh my god, Astaghfirullah!’ situation in most families, even leading to shunning the kids which does not make sense. Astaghfirullah indeed, but blaming the kids for something they very obviously did not do or bring on themselves is not the right way to handle things.

Sexual abuse is no joke, and the child in question is probably going through a lot more mental and physical turmoil than the adults around him, with their worries about social standing and reputation. Children don’t need fingers pointed at them, telling them all the things they’ve done wrong. They want safety, which is what they should be given. Al-Ouda, working as a social counselor, says that the key factor to this problem is the fact that the family, especially the mothers, remain silent and complacent. Mothers should, according to her, be more vigilant about their children. Some mothers don’t particularly care and have no issues, but that really needs to change.

That being said, if in the event that a child is sexually abused, what needs to be done, is not to sit around, crying about all the things that should’ve been done, but to make sure that the offender is punished for his actions. Having said all that, it’s obviously not just the child that is affected, it is also the parents. Keeping control over emotions can be pretty tough, and seeking help with that is often encouraged, even by professionals. And to do that, first off, there needs to be trust. There is really no situation in which you can just wave off details that a child provides because children can hardly lie in a case like this.
Where exactly would a child even come across information to be able to use as ‘lies’, anyway? Despite how messed up the world is right now, I don’t think kids’ storybooks these days involve rape and molestation. Listening is not exactly the most difficult of things to do. According to Al-Ouda, children and parents should have an open relationship where they can tell things without worrying or fearing the reaction they will get. Not only is this about family, but schools, where children spend so much time, also need to teach the kids about sexual harassment, and preventive measures, along with defensive strategies and phone numbers for immediately making contact. I want to share this video with you people. You should show this to your children to educate them.


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