Saturday, November 15, 2014

Claiming Due Money from Kafeel

How Can I claim due money from my Kafeel after resignation if he is not willing to pay it to me?

Question by Visitor
Salam, I want to know about one point, if you guide me according to Saudi law, I will be thankful to you. I am working in a marketing company here, my 11 salaries are late. I want to leave the job, but I know the financial condition of my Kafeel he can’t pay me now. So I don't want to push him. If I take transfer I am afraid that he will not pay me my dues later. Is there any clause in law that I can leave my company without dues, but if latterly they don't pay I can claim? Please also guide me what documents are necessary for dues claim later. Some important points about my case. I came on my own visa then transferred to company. I have a one year signed contract with company that is over on 23 April (after that no new agreement signed) so please advise me legally that I can survive in this situation.

Answer by Steve
If you are going to resign, undue payment is unlikely to be collected. It is very difficult to recover back money from Kafeels while you are working, just imagine how difficult it could be when you are not on job. There is a procedure through which you can file a case in the labor court. I have explained the procedure in this article “Going to Labor Office”. However, it is very difficult to recover the money.

Friendly speaking, you should look for another employer and transfer your sponsorship. I know your due salaries are almost impossible to recover but still you would be taking your monthly salaries on time. You will be having expectation of recovering your due amount from employer but meanwhile the due amount continue to be accumulated. So my suggestion is to look for another employer and switch your job. “Transferring Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

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