Sunday, November 30, 2014

Colorful Abayas are banned in University of Dammam!

Educational institutes all over the world have their own set of rules and regulation, chief amongst them is the required discipline in behavior and dressing. But the irony is that the students are most prone to break them. Whether it is natural rebuttal against set rules or just rebelliousness, the disciplinary supervisors will never understand. Going against uniform is the most common rule broken all over the world and this trait is unequivocally common in females. Whether it is wearing nail colors, make up, jewelry or it can also be observed in slight but noticeable modification in the dress code. 

Similar situation arose in University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia when female students, compelled under streak of fashion, started wearing color abayas instead of plain black ones which is clearly against the rules of the university. Like every educational institute, the disciplinary management committee took strict action against it and any female found wearing colored abaya was penalized and the penalty was documented.  Although to some it might be a bit harsh but, girls, rules are rules. In an educational institute a student is required to maintain the discipline which is to prepare him or her to maintain discipline throughout the life. What I don’t understand is when the women are allowed to wear anything they want under an abaya why they had to go all the way and wear something that would get them into trouble? They can easily appease their sense of fashion underneath it.

Not only that, the abaya retailers were also inspected by the government officials and were strictly told to abide by the rules issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (HAIA). I think the retailers tried to increase their sale by introducing new fashion in the most prone population of any state that is, students. But they did not know that they would be dealing with the most rule abiding government. Retailers, next time go for something more government friendly to increase your sales otherwise you will be getting a notice or maybe something stricter!!

Some might say that an abaya is an abaya whatever the color may be. But people need to realize that abaya is to maintain uniformity and simplicity among the female population. It makes a female unidentifiable from the next one. These days the abaya designers have designed them in such a way that they give rivalry to the most embellished dresses and their designers. In Dubai Fashion week there is a segment in which models are walking on the ramp in latest designed abayas. I think that this is the exact reason for which abaya was implicated, to maintain the modesty and anonymity. If you have to wear an embellished abaya why not just drop it and wear a dress. Action against wearing colorful abaya though might seem minor but it was nipping the problem in the bud. Otherwise it would have crept like ivy and destroyed the actual purpose of abaya in one state where it is worn for its original purpose.

Source: Arab News

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