Friday, November 14, 2014

Problems faced by Divorced Wives in our Society

Saudi Arabia is one of the most prestigious countries in the world. However at times I do not think it's as it was years before. The reason is the amount of happenings in Saudi Arabia related to women. Divorced women are denied their rights very much! I fail to understand as to how can families kick their own children out of their homes with their divorced women? It's important to note and take interest on to such topics that are happening around the world. Why women are treated this way? In Islam women are to be looked upon and treated with great respect. However people don’t pay them that respect for which they are entitled as per Islamic guidelines. The reason to me is a bit unclear. As I've heard and read it's because of the fact that she has been divorced?! What law has presented the fact that they shouldn't be treated like human beings? A certain case I read about was the women in Saudi Arabia who was divorced twice. She was denied shelter by her own blood family. What was her fault? She did not have to survive alone but also take care of her children.

In such cases (there are so many problems) the SINGLE parent now has to take into account like finding shelter, schooling for her children and then on with the other necessities of life. The entire burden is on divorced mother in such a short amount of time. The woman has to cater too many issues all at once. Maybe if the family could have provided a bit of financial and moral assistance it could have helped them much. Many women in similar cases begin to find jobs immediately. At times the employees treat such women very rudely and give them taglines related to their destiny. In most of the cases it has been observed that employers did not pay the women the salary that was agreed on. The women cannot argue much since that's her only source of income. She has to make sure she can minimize her expenses in every possible way.

The Divorced women have to go through so much. What have we been doing to help them? Since these cases have begun to squirm through the society it is advisable for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) to begin campaigns to raise funds for such women. Maybe giving them shelter can ease much if their worries. This article should be an eye opener for all those who may or may have treated women they know in similar ways. Being a woman is not wrong, it's not a wrath. The biggest wrath is to be mistreated by the ones who you thought were your own. Think about it. Don't make a mistake; you will always have to live with!

If only Women would have been more confident and could have fought for their rights themselves, things would have been a lot more different. Kicking divorcees by their blood family is just as wrong as not providing shelter to your own children. God will be taking into account these wrong doers sooner or later. Karma can never be expected!

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