Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dating on Social Networking Sites

As the first world progresses and makes its way towards the twenty second century everything seems to move along with it with great swiftness. The world is more relaying on the Internet and Social networking than anything else! Social networking has become the basis of communication across the globe decreasing distances throughout. Friends can be made within a few clicks via Facebook or Skype or Instagram. It becomes extremely easy to get to know people. The internet proves to be a modem by which our problems are simplified or maybe increased?

My statement made above can be a bit different to my actual thought. It may be differing on different basis. The reason behind this is with the excessive use of the internet people generally think they are erasing distances but in reality they are getting involved in a social bubble cutting off from the actualities of the world. The main question somehow is that whether people can actually get married to someone they met or talked of the Internet? Saudi Men basically do not use mails quite often but they do know well how to use the social networking sites properly. How is that? The reason behind it becomes inevitably clear. Saudi men communicate with people via the Internet more specifically with women via Skype or video chatting. It gives rise to the question that whether virtual women can become good wives or not. Whether they can manage to live with someone who they've only communicated or seen via the Internet?

I'm not sure whether these women can be compared to real wives but they sure can cause a lot of confusion and hardships for the real wives. They must fight to keep their husband and if things still don't work out the next answer to such situations is divorce which deteriorates homes and families affecting mostly the children which leaves them to be juggled for child custody. My opinion to whether these wives can be compatible to real wives would be a complete No! Maybe after reading this many people can become a more practical and a bit just to their responsibilities!


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