Monday, November 3, 2014

Difference b/w world’s second worst (Jeddah) and second best (London) airport

Canadian website conducted a survey for the travelers after which it classifies Jeddah Airport as the second worst airport in the world, preceded by Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International. We have reported about it in a separate article. “Jeddah’s Airport is the Second Worst in the World” General Authority for Civil Aviation’s comeback on the notion: “Our airports are not for sleeping”. Hence, this sums up to no proper furnishing of the airport for the accommodation of passengers and/or their acquaintance.

Contrary to GACA’s indifference towards the survey, Heathrow Airport, Britain is ranked as the second best airport in the world preceded by Dubai Airport. In response to the typical classification, the director of the airport resigned out of grief.

When comparing Jeddah Airport with the other mid-eastern airports, its accommodations seem to lag far behind when passengers are found to be lying down on the cold hard floor while waiting for their flights. In Doha and Dubai, however, service to passengers is qualitative, with waiting rooms at hand. According to GACA, the new airport is bound to function midway of the following year, a promise that has been said to be claimed several times in the past. This promise seems as imminent to the citizens as the unfulfilled oath on the distribution of the ministry's housing units among eligible citizens within seven months by the Ministry of Housing.

Airport is the apparent backbone for a country’s economic and tourism developmental programs. If they are shunned, the cracks on foreign relations are inevitable. The question is: Is GACA still giving us empty promises?

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