Sunday, November 2, 2014

Your Dual Nationality may lead to cancellation of Saudi Nationality

Hello, fellow Saudis! Thinking of getting a dual nationality? Think again. According to the Civil Status Department, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia no longer allows dual nationality unless permission is sought from the interior ministry, as was announced by spokesperson Mohammad Jasser Al-Jasser. What this means is if you are dreaming of obtaining an American or Canadian citizenship, please think about it twice. According to article 11 of the nationality system of Saudi Arabia, one is only allowed to apply for foreign citizenship if they are given clearance by local authorities. Anyone found with dual nationality who has not acquired permission prior to obtaining the foreign nationality may have their Saudi nationality cancelled in Accordance with Article 13 of the nationality system.

Impact of Dual Nationality on Family
All is not bad news, however. This law applies only to the person who did it. It will not extend to his wife if her husband is found with dual nationality unless of course the wife chooses to follow her husband's footsteps and get the other nationality. As far as underage children are concerned, their nationality will be the same as their father and hence as soon as their father's nationality is revoked, they will follow a similar fate. However, the authorities do assure that the children, upon coming of age, will have the chance to gain their Saudi nationality back if they want within the first year of adulthood.

Cancellation of Saudi Nationality
Moreover, if you are enlisted at any rank or position in the army of a foreign country or if you are working for the government of a country which is in a state of war with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the government retains the right to cancel your citizenship. This news may be disappointing to many of you as it may come across as a hindrance to your life plans and dreams. But think of it from another perspective, one of the Saudi Government. It will seem like fair game. After all, when living in a country you should follow their rules. If the government is being open minded enough to allow dual citizenship, it is only right that they demand it to be done through proper channel. As far as the second part is concerned, it is obvious that no country would want to have its citizens associated with another country's military or government for security concerns. Similarly, dual nationality often poses the threat of disloyalty to a country.

A dual citizen will have his loyalty divided between two countries and may take steps that are against the well being of Saudi and hence the Kingdom reserves the right to allow for dual citizenship for any reasons it feels justifiable. Nothing to lose sleep over though, if you are interested in gaining the citizenship of another country, all you have to do is seek permission which seems like a rather straightforward process considering you do not have anything fishy to hide. Good luck!

Source: Arab News

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