Thursday, November 13, 2014

Expat Survived but Knife will remain in his Head

A 24 years old Saudi attacked an expatriate to take his life with a knife. He was able to thrash full knife in the head of 25 years old expatriate but if God is willing to save you, there is no one who can take your life. Makkah police have confirmed that the picture you can see on this page is of the expatriate who became victim of the attack of 24 years Saudi citizen. Expatriate was brought into the hospital in time and staff of the hospital treated him very well to save his life. They did not pull the knife from his head as it could damage some nerves and cause the death of the expatriate. The expatriate is now out of danger but the knife is still in his head.

Saudi man who is alleged of attacking the expatriate with a knife has been arrested by the Kaaki police station Makkah. Initial enquiries from the Saudi have confirmed that there was a dispute between the expatriate and Saudi. After this, I don’t think it is difficult to establish that the Saudi attacked him out of anger. Doctors are of the opinion that they will wait for the expatriate to be fully recovered before making any decision to pull of the knife from his head. Pulling out the knife can be extremely dangerous as it may take his life.

It is an extremely condemnable act of the Saudi citizen. One should not get out of control and attack others due to any dispute. However, on the other hand I really respect the Saudi System of judiciary and police which is standing against cruelty and has already arrested the Saudi boy who is alleged to be the attacker. Since it is Saudi Arabia (unlike many other Muslim countries where justice is only for rich people) I can trust that the victim will get the appropriate compensation and justice from the Saudi Judiciary.
Source: Arab News

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