Monday, November 3, 2014

Flynas Suspends its Flights from Saudi Arabia

Flynas Air International, operating nine hundred and fifty weekly flights to twenty-five domestic and regional destinations takes a step back at the continuation of its long-haul flights. ‘We have taken a stand that we are suspending – not stopping – those routes for the moment and will relook at the whole situation again.’ States Raja Azmi, Chief Executive Officer, Flynas.

However, the ever thought provoking notion has its roots deep seated in the statement made by Flynas earlier in April which revolves around making developmental strategies aimed towards long haul flights between new destinations including London, Manchester, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta from Jeddah. What is the cause behind Flynas’ abrupt adamancy? ‘We had some issues from a financial standpoint in terms of the profitability of some routes.’ Azmi states.

What about the passengers who have already booked flights for long-haul journeys? What about those who have already planned out a nice vacation or a romantic honeymoon somewhere far away? What about those who have planned in the flights unaware of Flynas’ change of plans?

‘All passengers who had booked flights on long haul routes will be fully refunded or alternative flight arrangements on other airlines will be made on their behalf,’ states Azmi. But surely, Flynas does not seem to be too eager to get its market degraded by their new policy. ‘The carrier would now focus on expanding its short-haul services and might – just might look at a different model for long-haul flights at a later date.’ Azmi explains.
Source: Flynas


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