Monday, November 10, 2014

Gambling of Marriage for Girls Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures

It's okay if women like Coco Chanel, one of the MOST successful businesswomen in the World are still single or still alone. She has reported to have said that living with her is a huge challenge. She has the right amount of attitude. She is a business woman without being one. There is no man who has agreed to live with her since he knows well the challenge that lies within that. She also says that she is never forgotten by the men who date her since it's never easy to forget a woman you hate. Thus she is happy alone. Marriage to her isn't everything.

Although in societies similar to mine marriage is what a women is prepared from the moment she is born. She is raised to glam up on her wedding day. That is all is expected from a woman to simply become someone's wife or later a mother. Many girls who are brought up in the families who value the importance of marriage, have their mindset towards their big day from a very young age no matter how little they understand of the word. They decide and plan their wedding dresses, hair, makeup, room decorations, guest lists, and events. In short EVERYTHING. However they fail to take into consideration the most important factor that is how their HUSBAND will be!

Velma from ScoobyDoo said that everything that glitters is not gold! This has so much of depth to it that at times you can even elaborate and relate it to so many incidents and occasions! Right now it relates emphasizing that marriage isn't about the glitter and glam of the preparations. It's about how you manage to continue on a commitment. It's about sharing your life with someone who will respect and love you and would want the same response back. He needs it back! In our society girls are given the entire sort off attention that one day they'll be starting their own family and their own home. Parents wish to give their daughters most of their time and devotion which sometimes can be wrong for them only since they cannot face the realities of life later on.

Their world before marriage was so perfect that even a little burden seems to put down their shoulders. You don't know how amazing your marriage can be. You don't know how much deteriorating it can be. Not unless you've judged your life partner correct. Not unless you've accepted to live with his flaws or correct them. In some cases where marriages are fixed from a young age such as in the customs of Saudi Arabia the girls/women have not met their soon to be life partners or met only once. The only chance they get to meet them is usually on the day of their wedding (after Nikkah). After that the woman learns about her husband. Before marriage, it's all up to the family to pick the right man for their daughter. Marriage is all based on compromise and sacrifice. If a woman can have the capacity to adopt these she can change the destiny of her marriage very fluently and patiently!

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