Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Guide to ride Trains (Metro) in Saudi Arabia

If you are new to Saudi Arabia and you have no experience in riding trains do not worry. This read will surely guide you as to how the trains in Saudi Arabia are, and how they can be during different seasons. Currently my objective is to guide you as to how to book seats for a train ride during Eids and other important occasions.

Book your Ticket on time
Well firstly when you wish to travel, make sure you book your tickets either online or a few days before from the train station. Online booking seems a bit easier, simple and a bit quicker. It saves a lot of the burden of going to the train station and getting your tickets with the entire crowd. While getting your tickets make sure you get the A class since it's more comfortable and very spacious! The Trains in Saudi are very much in good shape with a great modern design. They have two sets of seats, four seaters and two seaters. It's always advisable that you take as many seats as you need since it costs about 137 Saudi Riyale for each seat. You can book the ticket from this link “Saudi Railways

Travelling Tips to travel in Trains (Metro) in Saudi Arabia

  1. If you travel during winters there may be a need for a blanket but during summers the temperature inside the train is very comfortable.
  2. The train services include providing free dates and Saudi coffee to the passengers. However, passengers can purchase sandwiches, juices and water bottles from the food carts on the train. They are however a bit costly than outside market.
  3. It is also good to make sure you have a good pair of headphones with you as you never know whether your seat maybe next to a crying infant. That can make a perfectly good journey into something extremely unpleasant!
  4. Women should keep Abayas with them as well since the train has no gender separations available. The train ride proves to be very relaxing and is definitely worth your first experience!
  5. Until later make sure you visit an old friend or relative and make sure you visit them in the Saudi Train so you have ample of things to tell them about your journey!


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