Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holding Passport by Kafeel

Can you please advise me that what should I tell to company if they demand my passport to retain?

Question by Visitor
  1. Can you please advise me that what should I tell to company if they demand my passport to retain and is the passport necessary for the company to make the expat iqama?
  2. Is my Kafeel and employer same? If my employer is a franchisee and have a franchise
  3. If my employer denies giving me final exit during the probation period what should I do? Go to labor court? Or any other option out there?
  4. The contract which I need to sign, either it’s in the start of probation period or end of it? and how many days are required to issue a iqama?

Answer by Steve
  1. Legally speaking, your employer is not authorized to keep your passport once the Iqama is issued. It has been explained in this article “Legality of Holding Passport by Employer”. However, in order to apply for Iqama, your sponsor needs your passport.
  2. Your employer and sponsor should be the same person. If these are two different persons, it is clear violation of the Saudi Labor Law.
  3. Someone else asked this type of question on this blog already and I have tried to explain him in this article. “Final Exit within Probation Period
  4. You can sign a contract anytime either at the start, within probation or at the end of the contract. Normally first iqama processing takes a week or so.

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