Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Good Looking Housemaids a Nightmare for Saudi Wives

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, keeping a housemaid is considered a must for Saudi families. Not only this, housemaids aren’t even that expensive that’s why you will find them in like every second house. The salary of a housemaid purely depends on the place she belongs from. Philippines usually charge more salary than compared to the housemaids coming from Africa, Bangladesh or Indonesia. Well the most in demand housemaids are the ones generally from Indonesia since they are Muslims and they also at times understand Arabic so it is easy for them to communicate with each other and they are also reputed to be hard working people. While the Muslims prefer Indonesians the expats prefer Philippines as they speak English and are modern.

Due to these both housemaids being in demand, there is this fight against them about wages. So in order to cut down the unrest, an agreement has been set that now there will be Moroccan maids to help out the families. Though married women are not in favor of this decision because Moroccan maids are labeled to have loose morals and are quite broad minded. They are very pretty and trust me being pretty is all what it takes to attract a man. From my point of view I think these women are complete packages. They are very well aware of the Saudi culture and have the same language as the Arabs, are Muslims and above all this these women exactly know how to slip a Saudi man’s heart. They are very seductive and tend to be extremely free when around other men. Not only this, black magic is their passion and they quite very well doing well at it.

Oh well no wonder Morocco is the most enjoyable vacation destination for the Saudis, if you know what I mean. Well how weird, it is perfectly fine to travel to Morocco but when it comes to bring them home then it’s a strict NO. (Are you women feeling insecure?)  To be very honest, bringing an unknown woman into your house no matter from which nationality she belongs to is a risk itself. No wonder how much sophisticated and pious a housemaid portrays herself to be, or no matter to which ever extend she seems to practice Islam, at certain times they do turn out to be very dishonest and won’t even hesitate even a second for stealing from  an employer or at times employer himself.

Many come to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as housemaids but their inner intention unknown to many is to get close to the men in the house or in other worlds try to trap them by giving them signs as if they are ready to sit on their lap at any time of the day. Well there should be some ground rules kept forward for these housemaids so that they would think twice before doing anything wrong and even if by chance they tend to break any rule then they should be sent back home immediately. While on the same hand these housemaid deserve to be handled with respect and should not be physically or verbally abused no matter from which ever nation they belong to or have come from.


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