Thursday, November 20, 2014

How much Facebook Earns every second?

Facebook is one of the most successful and most used social networking sites man has ever created. Its creator Mark Zuckerburg is the youngest billionaire of the world till date and he continues to become richer and richer every second! The usual cliché saying is by the Minute. Why do you think I specified on seconds instead? Well the reason behind this is that the Facebook Company earns nearly $365 every second! (as per Q3 results of 2014 in which they have earned revenue of $8.615 billion in 9 months ended September 2014.)

Who knew that some company could actually earn that much in every passing second? That means with eighty six thousand four hundred seconds per day, Facebook would be making about $31,556,777! NOW THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL BUSSINESS! Facebook bridges people within cities, countries, states or continents. Maybe if life on mars becomes a possibility Facebook may become accessible there as well, No? This huge social media networking site employs thousands of workers who work tirelessly throughout the day to provide us a way to bridge distances with our friends and relatives who are miles away. Facebook provides us with a platform to share and browse and give us the endless possibilities of searching and discovering people and places. Within few clicks, we have information and knowledge to almost anything we need to know!

Now certainly you know why Facebook earns so much only in one second. It has been told that when the website for Facebook crashes the workers and technical maintenance staff begins to work on them before it does to avoid any wastage of time or to be more specific wastage of money. ($1.3 million per hour) The employees of Facebook know well that each second counts! Every second becomes a gateway for them to be at the top of the tables! Facebook provides the correct essences of business and dealership. If there were any possible investors for Facebook they would have been just as successful as the founder and owner himself. Every advertisement on Facebook is again a way for them to earn dollars by the minute round the clock. This workplace truly defines the workshop of loyal and dedicated staff who make the website shine and prosper till date. Facebook has continued to flourish and will continue to by the second as long as the logins continue.

Maybe Facebook can't be that bad after all. It keeps many employed workers happy, gives them happiness. Facebook has a lot of users registering onto the network every day. Everyday people become friends to many and share their happiness with many. Everyday millions share smiles across the faces of their loved sitting miles apart from home. Everyday millions seem to be satisfied by streaming through pictures of their friends with just the simple satisfaction that they are doing well. Facebook isn't all that bad. It's just rich not only terms of money but in terms of spreading a million ways to be happy every day!

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