Friday, November 7, 2014

How to make your newly born child a U.S. Citizen?

A lot of things can be heard especially when it comes to visiting the US. They're may some extremely good but there are a few good ones as well! Maybe good for the people who plan to move to the United States rather than the people of the US themselves. Confused? Maybe I can offer a valid explanation. For a few years now there has been an increase in the amount of immigrations occurring in the United States. Concerning is the fact that majority of these immigrants are from Saudi Arabia. How?

When the Saudi Women are pregnant they make sure that they could arrive to the US before the child can be delivered. The family hopes that the child is delivered on American ground to obtain their national Citizenship. Why? The US provides their citizens much of the facilities needed to live an orderly life. They are given medical assistance, health assurances etc. With that if parents have their children residing in the United States it becomes much easier for them to obtain green cards from the state. Moreover, the U.S. passport itself is a big deal for anyone who wants to live in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. One with U.S. passport is paid double than the Saudi passport.

Students who visit the U.S. after returning home speak extremely high of it. They are treated well, giving them a lot of benefits which aren't available in their states. It's not always appropriate to become citizen of another country since they fail to take a lot of things into account before seeking citizenship such as the fact that with the citizenship they must pay their taxes even when they are living in Arabia rather than the states. I have covered this topic in the link “Saudis with American Nationality have to pay Tax”. This also means that all the rules and regulations/law of the United States are applied to them including matters related to divorce and child custody.

Maybe moving to the states can give them many privileges but it is not fair to the country of Arabia. If their own state provides them with much of these facilities there may soon be no need to immigrate to other countries. That is a step that the government can take to keep their citizens happy and pleased with them throughout! Some days ago, government of Saudi Arabia has announced that “Dual Nationality of Saudis may lead to cancellation of their Saudi Nationality”.

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