Friday, November 28, 2014

How Wedding Night is enjoyed in Arranged Marriages

As the date of the wedding comes closer the anticipation of the bride and the groom increases hourly. The feeling that finally you will be intimated with the love of your life who will be your spouse is anticipatory. That's why the engagement period is one of the most enjoyable one. In European and American culture the bride and the groom are already intimated with each other therefore they are not much worried about the wedding night. If they are not, in that case they are knowledgeable about the requirements and expectations of the spouse. But imagine a scenario, in which - gasp - the bride and groom does not know each other!!!! And imagine an even worse scenario in which the bride and groom does not know what to do!!!! I think both of them will be playing video games the whole night (smirk)!!!

Wedding Night Peculiarities for Saudi Girls
These types of cases are common in Arab culture and especially in Saudi Arabia where mostly the marriages are arranged. The bride and the groom properly talk to each other on their wedding night for the first time. Both of them are so used to segregation that instead to anticipating their golden night they are scared of it. Well, I think scared is a small word for their feeling I guess. Unlike western culture educational institutes in Arabic countries and especially in Saudi Arabia do not provide sex education to their students. Now a dubious thought arises that whether a female is given a talk to regarding the intimacies of the marital relationship by her female relatives? It is doubtful because it’s not done in Muslim culture to discuss ones wedding night with another person! Now imagine a girl who neither knows her husband to be, nor does she has any idea about what happens behind closed doors. When she will find about it suddenly and by none other than her husband!!!! I think she will be shocked- maybe, astounded-definitely!!!!

Wedding Night Peculiarities for Saudi Boys
That was about the girl. Now a boy who has never interacted with a female (may be in his dreams only) and with who may be someone had a birds and bees talk (in vague terms off course!!), how is he expected to fulfill he expectations of a marital relationship? Okay let’s imagine that guys (being guys) always have an idea or maybe some friends might have discussed it with him in a feat of bravery. Will he consider that marital bed is his proof of manhood or will he show patience and consideration with his wife? This is the main cause of divorces instantly after marriages, which has been documented time and again.

I agree that a person lives the life traditionally and culturally but in this scenario I think that a little bit of knowledge beforehand (little bit does not mean literally little bit) does not go amiss. We never take an exam without studying; never go on a trip without preparation; never ever sky dive without practicing!!! Then how can we expect a couple to start their marital relationship, which happens to be the most important one, without knowledge of the expectation of our spouse and our responsibilities?

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