Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Killing effects of Sugar upon your Body

Sugar is one of the most important parts of anyone's diet. We use it every time while eating or drinking. Sugar is one of the most common components for our food as well. Sugar is sweet but too much sugar can be a bad bitter for your life! A lot of research has proven that sugar can be the cause of many important diseases for both children and adults. It contributes to many diseases that cannot all be treated for and the best way to avoid such illnesses is to take precautions. There are about one hundred and fifty, a bit more or a bit less, problems caused by the intake of sugar on excessive bases. One of the most common ones includes Diabetes that is untreatable and one has to live with it throughout. Others are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Sugar can cause cancer in both men and women such as Pancreatic, Kidney Cell, Stomach, Breast, Lung, Prostrate, Ovarian, Biliary Tract, Gastric, Gall Bladder etc. On most cases it is said that Sugar can be much more addictive than Cocaine. This addiction can cause a person to do many things such as on the basics it causes mood disorders most common within children. The use of sugar can make people hyperactive and cause them to exercise more which burns more and more of their calories away and if not replaced by a proper diet it can cause a person to become ill which in turn makes a person immune system weak making them subjected to cold, flues, sneezing etc. Sugar can cause certain children to be subjected to juvenile delinquency and the use of sugar during pregnancy and lactation can somehow influence the muscles to force production in offspring which in turn effects on the individual’s ability to exercise.

Bad Effects of Sugar upon Children
Young ones love to drink Soda and other bicarbonate drinks. What they don't know, this drinking causes them to avoid milk which causes osteoporosis. Less milk makes the teeth weak and causes tooth decay as well. Sugar can also accelerate glucose and insulin responses returning them to high levels slower in oral contraceptive users. Along with all of this, it also increases ROS which damages tissues and cells that can in turn lead to brain tumor and other related heart diseases as well. Sugar also causes a certain decline in tissue elasticity and doesn't allow them to function properly. Sugar can become a bit worse for growing children since it makes them a lot cranky. They become inactive and inattentive in school and classrooms. They fail to respond quickly than most students and most importantly their eyes become vulnerable to age related macular degeneration. Along with this sugar reduces high density lipoproteins and is a very important reason for copper deficiency. Other includes hypoglycemia, saliva acidity, periodontal disease and varicose veins.

The list goes on but these are a few important and most occurring diseases that are caused by the use of white refined sugar. If certain precautions are not taken, it can affect us very badly. Our taste buds can cause our lives to become in danger. A bit precaution can help change and shape up a lot of things. To start of using Honey instead of sugar can make your meals and deserts sweeter and healthier! 

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