Saturday, November 29, 2014

Late Coming, early leaving and Gossiping is also corruption

Arriving late at work place, gossiping in office, using office phone for personal needs is corruption, says the latest draft issued by NAZAHA (The National Anti-Corruption Commission of Saudi Arabia). NAZAHA (The National Anti-Corruption Commission of Saudi Arabia) is an independent authority made by the King to eliminate corruption from the country and especially from government offices.  NAZAHA (The National Anti-Corruption Commission of Saudi Arabia) is being directly supervised by the King and no one else. This step shows that how eager the state is to eliminate corruption and other malpractices from the government offices in order to avoid the negative effects on development of country.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) has declared many behaviors as corrupt acts in the last draft. It has expanded the scope of previous definition of corruption and has brought the following under the scope of corruption; personal gossips at work place, taking bribe, coming late to office or leaving early, making money by use of power and going out of the way, misuse of the authority conferred by state, manipulation of facts to gain certain benefits, mishandling or wasting public money. Workers in government offices and ministries are the main subject of this authority. It is understood that all these offences carry punishment as well. The use of government vehicles to complete personal tasks, maintaining luxurious facilities, use of public wealth for self-projection, all are included in “corruption”.

Workers are encouraged by the authority to report if the managers at office are coming late after start of office hours or if they are going home before end of office timings or if they are involved in any other malpractice. On the other hand the managers are also required to inform about the corruption or wrong behaviors of their subordinates about work. There is also a help line number introduced for getting help from general public. Anyone from general public can call at given number and can report if he/she has any knowledge about corruption in any of the offices. It is pertinent that name of that person will not be made public.

It is also important to mention that Islam being a complete code of life explains its subjects very well about how to behave in the 24 hours life. The definition of malpractices, corruption etc all are taken from our religion, people used to quote the Muslim rulers’ behavior as trademarks of honesty. Today we are in dire need to adhere to that valuable legacy.

Last but not least, the words of Mr. Gandhi (a hindu leader of sub-continent) are a great food for thought for every one working in a Government office. In the year 1937 when Congress party got power to govern India Mr. Gandhi, in order to give advice to the public office bearers to adopt simplicity, spoke to the elected persons of parliament and other leaders. He said “I cannot give you the reference of Ram Chandar or Krishna, because they were not historical figures. I cannot help it but to present to you the names of Abu Bakar (RA) and Omar Farooq (RA). They were leaders of a vast Empire, yet they lived a life of austerity.” (27-07-1937)

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