Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Man claimed to see Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in Movenpick Madina Arrested

To hold the belief that the Prophet (SAW) is omnipresent, the way God is, he is not a momin, as the Muslim Ulema state. The phenomenon is termed as indulgence in Bidah or for more intense occasion, Shirk. But what crisis befalls an individual who attributes God like characteristics to a mortal man who passed away circa fourteen hundred years ago? Especially if the individual is a native of a Kingdom where Laws were first established?

Within the recent week, a video clip went viral on the leading social networks including Facebook and Twitter, whereby displaying the array of a retired principal and a teacher worth the experience of twenty plus years, preaching to his fellow companions on his ‘encounter with the prophet Muhammad S.A.W.’ ‘The prophet was with me at the hotel in Madinah!’ the man was telling his companions as recorded in the video.

But the Madinah Police was simply not entertained by the ‘attention-seeking attempts’ of the man or the viral video, dismissing the man’s notions promptly and arrested him. The man was initially detained by Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention ofVice (Haia). ‘The behavior of this man is considered a deception of Muslims and an attempt to ruin and corrupt their beliefs with such false claims.’ A spokesman for the Haia said, disgusted.

For those pondering on the question as to how do the innovations enter an Islamic state with such ease, Dr. Masoud Al-Mohammadi, Imam of the Mosque of Quba answers their queries? He gives an elaborate explanation on the intersection of cultural and religious diversities. ‘When the teachings of Islam were spread to the other nations and Kingdoms, this led to the intersection of cultures and their prevalence across the globe,’ explains Al-Mohammadi. Superstitions, myths, legends and fairy tales of different cultures, both tribal and non-tribal have all seeped into the teachings of Islam, corrupting the Muslims to their very core, despite the great efforts being put in by the Islamic Ulemas to undo the strayed notions.

The man was also recorded to having said ‘The Prophet told me that the lack of love for him (S.A.W) is the reason why other Muslims cannot see him in reality!’ Many scholars have come up with the conclusion that the man mingled up the concept that those who see the Prophet in their dreams would surely meet him on the Day of Resurrection. In response to the scholars’ conclusion, Al-Mohammadi was reported to have said ‘It is both unbelievable and regrettable that this man was a school teacher.’ He also lays great emphasis on his statement that the Ministry of Haj should retain all kinds of ‘preaching’ during the session.


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