Monday, November 10, 2014

Men Kiss Men in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia is known for its respect to its people and to their extremely good hospitality towards tourists, guests and their own fellow loved ones. However what is most shocking and an ear opener to hear about is how do Saudis actually greet and meet their loved ones? The custom is shown perhaps by exchanging kisses on the cheeks or multiple air kisses. But this is how WOMEN meet other women. Why do you think I specified on Women? Yes. Because in this particular read I'll be telling you how Saudi MEN kiss! It's not as disgusting as you think, trust me on that!

Saudi Men when meet their respected and close friends or family they usually do so by meeting  them and giving them a slight kiss in the same way as how women will meet one another. They will hug one another and share several air kisses near the neck. If the other man is an elder, the young one with attribute the kiss towards the shoulder. These are some basic gestures of kindness, respect and hospitality in Saudi Arabia that makes it an extremely welcoming state.

It may seem a bit odd as to why Saudi Men kiss? Why not just hug or shake hands instead? How would tourists feel when instead of taxi drivers reaching in for their hands at the airport rather than their bags? The situation would definitely be a bit too awkward.  The people of Saudi Arabia do not have any shame in welcoming their guests. They make sure they are welcomed the right way to promote their culture. They show their hospitality as they would towards their own people. These are kind gestures that not only make the country welcoming but also its people. It is however considered very rude if the kiss is not returned back. Saudi Men and Women when meet one another they always kiss. No matter it's for the third or sixth time. However like the western countries this cheek kissing is only shared by men to men or women to women. It is shared between man and women only if they are blood related as in the case of brother or sister, father or daughter.. Other than that it is considered highly inappropriate!

Before anyone could further question this custom for Arabia I would simply sign off with a similar situation that most people in Muslim countries have to face on Eid whether to hug their fellow brother once or thrice? If you can answer this I'm probably sure you'll get around this Arab custom as well!

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