Monday, November 10, 2014

Menstruation in KSA v/s Menstruation in USA

The process of growing up somehow means to be very interesting. Maybe painful a difficult but it's an experience that changes your life and brings about a revolution in you for the good. In the United States of America a girl is grownup when she begins to menstruate. That is when she changes from a girl to a woman. This implies to most of the regions and different casts and creeds of people. In the United States of America when a girl is on her period it is not considerable for her to share this, opposite gender within or outside of her family. It's a personal issue that is supposed to be kept confidential.

Now to actually bring this relatable to the people of Saudi Arabia, when a woman there is on her period she has to restrict herself from meeting or playing her male cousins. Before her menses begin she is allowed to play and interact with her cousins freely. She at that time can be In front of them without her head covered as well. However when her menses begin she must be in an abaya in front of them. In the United States of America it isn't very obvious when a woman is on her period. Things are like they are in her normal routine. However in Saudi Arabia women who have menses are pretty much pinpointed out when they avoid prayers.

During their menses women have to go through certain pain as well. They begin to get cramps which they have to spend and heel while lying in bed for several days. In the United States a father does not know when his daughter is having her periods. Comparatively the Saudi Fathers know and they become very proud that their daughter is now a woman. They are basically happy on the fact that their daughter is now eligible for marriage. According to me it is quite embarrassing for a father to know. It is extremely embarrassed to even talk about this in public or bring this as a topic of discussion. What further bothers me related to this is when certain advertisements related to sanitary pads are broadcasted on Television. It makes it more awkward to be around your family when you're watching Television with them.

It is agreed that to be having menses is a natural factor however it is not at all important to showcase that to anyone. It is something private and should be kept that way. During their periods women avoid gatherings, exercises and so many more things. If only people wouldn't have to make everything so public maybe women could carry on with their regular routine with ease rather than difficulty!


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