Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Newly Born Baby is found to be 2 months Pregnant

Fetus in fetu is a development abnormality in which a mass of tissue resembling a fetus forms inside the body. There are two theories of origin concerning "fetus in fetu". One theory is that the mass begins as a normal fetus but becomes enveloped inside its twin. The other theory is that the mass is a highly developed trachoma. This occurs in every 1 out of 5,000,000 births. A case occurred in Vietnam when a two month old baby was brought in to the hospital for a checkup because of his growing tummy. The doctors were shocked after examining the infant that they discovered a fetus inside his belly. The infant went under a two hour prolonged surgery. The baby was operated in September. The surgeons disclosed to the media that this was an extremely rare case and a lot of care had to be taken since they could not risk the infants’ life. The surgeon also said that the infant had absorbed its twin which supports the definition of Fetus in Fetu.

During the surgery it was discovered that the 1 kg weighing mass inside the belly of the infant was a fetus with arms, legs, spinal column, liver and intestine. The surgeons at first came up to the conclusion that it was a tumor inside the infant. A fetus-in-fetu can be considered alive, but only in the sense that its component tissues have not yet died or been eliminated. All cases of fetus-in-fetu present critical defects, such as no functional brain, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract or urinary tract. This case shocked many especially the parents of the infant. After coming across this I was shocked to think of the negative conclusions that could have happened if this surgery had not been a success. The baby is now healthy however the doctors made it clear that the ‘partial baby’ could not have survived. All the previous cases have stated the same conclusion that there are no survivors from such surgeries. They can only survive when within the twin which cannot be prolonged since it outs the life of the infant in danger.

36 Years Old Man was also found Pregnant
Fetus in Fetu is not only found in babies and infants. There have been adult discoveries as well such as in 1999, thirty-six year old Sanju Bhagat was taken to the hospital in Nagpur, India in respiratory distress. For years before, his belly had been distended, so much that, according to reports, he always looked as if he were pregnant and at full term. When he arrived at the emergency room, doctors rushed him into surgery to remove what they expected to be a really large tumor. The experienced physicians were shocked by what they saw! He stated that once he put his hands inside, he could feel bones and bones. To our astonishment, Sanju survived the operation and was reported to be in good health.  Such events and news can leave people in complete awe and shock whether how much experience they may have. This just makes us question whether such people are siblings or parents. Think about it.

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