Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Oolong Tea is banned in KSA despite of many benefits

Oolong is a Chinese tea which is made by using partially fermented tea leaves. People use Oolong tea for many reasons majorly for weight loss purposes. Others include for caffeine intake. Oolong tea helps to reduce blood sugar. For a genuine fact, it is said that drinking 6 cups of it for 30 days will help diabetic patients to reduce their blood sugar if they are on diabetic level two. Other reasons include treating or preventing Obesity. However there is a list of treatable illnesses that can be reduced by Oolong tea that include Heart disease, Hyperlipidemia, Osteoporosis, Dermatitis, Atherosclerosis, High blood pressure and Tooth decay.

Oolong tea is used for many beauty treatments as well such as for hair supplements and skin care products such as beauty masks etc. Oolong tea however can affect ones sleep. Maybe if people consider sleeping on time, a lot of their skin problems can be resolved then and their only right? With so many helpful purposes Oolong tea should be encouraged by doctors and pharmacists rather than using medicines however in some countries Oolong tea has been banned. It has been banned in countries like Saudi Arabia because of containing high levels of certain pesticides and insecticides. The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) have reported to have said that certain brands of Oolong Tea had exceeded tolerable limits of pesticides such as Chlorfenapyr, Diphenylamine, Chlorpyrifos and Lambda cyhalothrin. Oolong Tea has many good uses but it isn't all just gold. Oolong Tea can cause nervousness, headaches, tremors etc. however Oolong tea with high levels of pesticides is like providing the body with poison. It is certainly harmful!

The pesticides were found in both Oolong and Wulong. They both have been banned. Only a few companies are reliable that can provide such tea with good levels of pesticides such as “Clearsprings” which delivers tea to your doorstep since they only have an online purchasing system. Drinking too much of Oolong tea is not at all suitable for the body anyways. Especially for people in Saudi Arabia where Obesity is a major factor people would accept surviving on tea rather than doing exercises to keep themselves healthy and in shape. Maybe the ban can help shape up a lot of things within the Kingdom. It's better if Oolong stays out for a long time!


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