Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Procedure to Transfer the Dependent’s Sponsorship to Employer

If you are living in Saudi Arabia as a dependent and want to transfer your sponsorship to employer, you have reached to the right place. Today, we shall be sharing with you the whole procedure from searching the job, transferring the sponsorship till the issuance of Iqama.  Perhaps, this is the only benefit for the dependents of Iqama holders that they can search for a job and transfers the sponsorship. They don’t have to go back to their native country and come back to Saudi Arabia on new visa. The procedure to transfer the dependents from family member to employer has been explained below;

Procedure to Transfer the Dependent’s Sponsorship to Employer
  1. First of all, you will have to search for a job in Saudi Arabia. If you are residing in Saudi Arabia and have valid Iqama, it is much easier to search for a job as compare to searching for the job from your native country. We have explained in detail the procedure to search for job in this article “Searchingfor Job in Saudi Arabia
  2. If you have searched for a job in Saudi Arabia and willing to work with them, you will have to start the process of transferring the sponsorship. First step to start the transfer of sponsorship of dependent from family member to employer is getting demand letter from the employer.
  3. Your sponsor will have to seek permission in writing from his employer that he does not have any problem in transferring your sponsorship. This letter should be addressed to the manager of the labor office of the region in which the company that you want to transfer sponsorship to is located, and must be printed on your father's sponsor's official letterhead and must be be attested by the Chamber of Commerce as well.
  4. The sponsor of the dependent needs three letters from his current employer addressing Jawazat, Ministry of interior and Ministry of Labor stating they have no objection regarding you transferring your dependent to another company.
  5. After receiving the demand letter from the employer, next step to transfer the sponsorship of dependent to employer is to go to Jawazat with the Kafeel of the dependent. Kafeel can be father, brother, husband or wife. You will have to fill an acceptance letter in front of Jawazat official. This acceptance letter is also called “Iqrar Tanazal”. It will be given back to you after due stamps from the official.
  6. If you don’t find any guidance where to go, just contact the agents sitting in front of the Jawazat gate. They will charge some money like SR 20 and fill an application for you. Don’t forget your Iqama and passport at home as they will need it to fill your application.
  7. After this, you will have to take this “Iqrar Tanazal” to the HR of the employer. Rest of the process will be performed by him. Soon you will receive the iqama.
  8. After transfer of sponsorship of dependent to the employer, the profession on the Iqama becomes “labor” most of the times. In that case, you will have to apply for the change of Iqama profession. We have explained the “procedure to change Iqama profession” in this link.

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