Thursday, November 27, 2014

Processing of Wife’s visa with Husband’s Visa to KSA

Can I bring my wife to KSA by processing her visa along with my visa?

Question by Visitor
I am writing to you with great concerns about my decision to join a company in Saudi that has a good repute in the Oil & Gas business. I received my offer letter through email after a phone interview with the manager. I accepted and HR asked me for my passport copy. I have been given Family status so am wondering why they haven’t asked for my wife's passport copy. I didn’t want bother them with a flood of questions running through my mind so am looking for other sources for info. I have gone through the blogs of 'Life in Saudi' and am confused as to the whole process of visa, attestation of docs, etc. I have a MSc. in Petroleum engineering and I don’t want to go through the whole trouble of changing profession on Iqama etc. So I am wondering again if I could go on an Engineer visa category directly by attesting my docs first from Saudi embassy & culture (this is considering I don’t have a visa copy, etc. beforehand) and that way I could even apply for my wife's visa simultaneously and we both could go together ? I am not sure if this procedure exists and am hopeful you could provide me some insight. Thanks a lot for your time and please don’t mind the long email as I felt the need to explain from the beginning. I would appreciate your reply.

Answer by Steve
Congratulations for getting job in KSA. There are actually two questions and I would like to answer them one by one.
  1. First of all, you should get all your degrees attested by the Saudi Embassy and Culture Office. It will be done by the agent who is authorized to process your visa in your country. So you don’t need to worry about it. What you need to check is that the profession on the visa is “Petroleum Engineer”. If you are not coming on this visa, you will have to change your profession later on which is time consuming activity. In case you come on a different profession, you will have to follow this procedure to change your profession.
  2. Secondly, your prospective employer did not ask for the passport copy of your wife because she cannot come along with you. You will have to come alone and wait for the issuance of your Iqama. Your company will have to issue you Iqama within 3 months of your arrival to KSA. Issuance of Iqama means that probation period has been completed and now you are under fixed term employment contract. After you have received your Iqama, you can start the process of your wife’s visa. The procedure of bringing wife to KSA on permanent visa has been explained in this article. “Apply for Permanent Family Visa OnlineFollowing articles can be really helpful for you to understand the procedures initially. If your employer was a government employer, they could send you a visa for your family as well. 


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