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5 Reasons behind an American’s urge to visit Saudi Arabia

I thought of sharing this with you all as I had a feeling that this is quite impressive and this lady had so accurately portrayed Saudi Arabia in such simple words.  She starts off by telling us that few years ago she came in contact with a man who was here from Saudi Arabia.  This lady expressed the desire to see Saudi Arabia to him. On hearing her desire he was quite astonished and was kind of shocked because he told the lady that she was the first American who actually wanted to see Saudi Arabia. He stated that he had never met any individual in United States who wanted to visit Saudi Arabia. The lady then told the man that she wanted to go to Saudi Arabia since she was quite fascinated by the country and it was her dream to visit this place at least once in her entire life.

Reasons behind an American’s urge to visit Saudi Arabia
Now comes the core reasons she kept forward, as to why she wanted to visit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  1. She explains that one of the reasons is the language spoken in Saudi Arabia which is Arabic. She states further that this language is different than the others. She feels that there is something about this language which gives her calm and comfortable feeling when she hears it. The script of this language has its own beauty and it is very attractive. They way Arabic is spoken has its own enjoyment and no matter how much you speak this language you can never get tired.
  2. The second reason is that she believes, in fact it is true that over here family is given immense importance even if extended family is concerned. If she contrasts America with Saudi Arabia then family bonds and ties are very important and are given respect in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rather than in America where relationships aren’t really given much of importance. This smart lady believes that in America it is all about materialism and that one thing she wants to get rid is of materialism while our Islamic culture is all equality and non-materialism which is quite new and refreshing.
  3. Many political systems have made people see Islam in the wrong light but when we actually understand Islam truly, we get to realize that truthfulness; modesty and equality are the major factors of Islam. She loves how 5 times a day Muslims are called out for prayer from the masjid and how a Muslim leaves everything he is doing and goes recites his prayers.
  4. Lastly she loves dates, haha who doesn’t. They are so tempting.
  5. Makkah and Madina

So if you are planning on a vacation, then I would suggest that you should definitely drop by at our Kingdom. You’ll not only enjoy here but you’ll be fascinated by how things go about here.

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