Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review of NuYu Al Murooj Female Gym in Riyadh

By reading the title I'm sure you would have been confused for at least a fraction of a second am I right? Well there's no harm in changing and transforming yourself especially if it's good and necessary for you. Who wouldn't want to look in good shape and in good health? Who wouldn't want to fit in any type of clothes and look their best at parties and dinners? Everyone loves that. For all this, you need to be in shape. Being fit isn't available in the market. It requires time and effort and hard work. Now I am writing this review to make you readers understand the value of being fit which requires hard work and effort but what you'll have to do will be a big different.

What I mean is Exercising and devoting your time to physical training and exercises. For a few people, I think you're prefer quitting on reading the remaining of the article but it’s true. Why run away from your fear when you can defeat it instead? Ladies it's you who I'm addressing right now. It's about that that we begin to take care of ourselves just as much and be in shape no matter of what age group we belong to. It's never too late to begin on anything whether it be cooking or yet alone Exercising. Today, I'll bring about to your knowledge of a new and improved state of the art Gym situated in the city of Riyadh. This Gym is for Ladies only and this does not only facilitate then to join in on group classes but also have their personal trainers as well who can train them according to their requirements.

NuYu Al Murooj Gym provides a very beautiful and exquisite environment especially if you wish to get yourself relaxed. This Gym also provides Yoga classes and has many different classes for each of them that can be observed and named such as Body Pump, Body combat, step, LBT etc. Many women in Saudi Arabia are usually restricted to their homes. They do not have to worry about cleaning up since they are all catered by their housemaids so they have nothing more to do. This laziness and inactivity causes them to gain weight. What could be the better way to get rid of all the extra fat than exercising? I am sure your time will pass by well after joining this luxury gym?

Some women who do Exercise hire personal trainers since there are not many gyms in the city. These personalized trainers charge a lot. Comparatively group classes for gym and Yoga can not only get your expenses to be in control but also it gives you the perfect opportunity to communicate and socialize with other women. Gyms like NuYu Al Murooj can provide a lot of good facilities to the feminine members as they can get better opportunities to get themselves in good shape and give them the chance to concentrate on themselves even after they've got families. Women should always look beautiful and that can only be attained when she knows she is!

NuYu Al Murooj Gym is one such place where all the women who've got ample of time to spend must join. They can spend their day working on themselves rather than thinking about all what they can't do. Change yourself now. It's now or never! Get a new you at Nu Yu!

Contact Details
Heights Holding, Office 13, Home Offices, Intersection of Al Urbubah Street and Prince Turki Road, Riyadh
Telephone: +966 11-810-4111

NuYu Al Murooj opening hours:
THURSDAY 9.30AM – 5.30PM

6 Months membership from SAR500 per month
12 Months membership from SAR400 per month

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