Monday, November 17, 2014

Saudi Foreigner Love Affair – Challenges to be Faced

The hot debate in social circles of Saudi Arabia is that how a Saudi can marry his foreign girl friend or a girl of his choice. This is a difficult situation for a Saudi family that how a Saudi man can get married to a foreign woman without permission of his mother or sisters. The common perception is that a Saudi man is much influenced by his family. He may choose girl of his choice to marry but it is considered as a cheating by his close family members. Especially his mother and sisters consider it unjustified for them. They find it more interesting to find girls for their son or brother in their own social circles. In such scenario if a man finds a girl of his own choice from any other place, it is difficult to be digested by his sisters and mother.

It is more likely that a Saudi man can find charming and loveable foreign woman due to her gorgeous looks. But when she has to encounter his family, it is a challenging task for her. When a Saudi man discloses the fact that he is in relationship with a girl there is a Pandora box of related question by his family. The chosen girl is considered as rough material by the guy’s family. They question about integrity of her family, her lifestyle, and her moral values. The relationship is considered as a scandal by the male’s family. This is a painful fact to be faced by a foreign girl in case she gets into a relationship with a Saudi man.

The foreign girl is considered as a threat by Saudi guy’s family. She has to prove herself, her values. The way she moves, the way she adjusts in Saudi community and changes her lifestyle is always a matter of focus by Saudi’s family. She has to show affection to all relations of a man of her choice. She has to adjust in a changed environment in any case without taking care of her own values. When she chooses to be a Saudi woman, she has to pay back for her choice up to a great extent.

This may not happen in all cases. Sometimes the foreign brides are welcomed and appreciated by Saudi guy’s family. They love the foreign bride even more than they could love a Saudi girl. This happens in few cases, where families are educated, modern and open minded. The common perception is that mother-in-law is the boss of the house. If she approves a woman, she can survive easily in a changed culture which she has adopted in love of a man. In case she is rejected by the family of the Saudi male, she has to face much more difficulties and problems. In short the life span of a girl’s life is dependent on the acceptance level of female family members of male’s family.

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