Monday, November 17, 2014

Schengen-style GCC visa proposal for 35 countries

GCC countries are considering the launch of Schengen style visa for 35 countries including GCC countries. The basic purpose of GCC visas is to promote tourism, culture, leisure and awareness of different nations. This facility is to be offered to all individuals whether they are businessmen, government employees or expats residing in country. For authorized embassy workers there will be an easy way to get instant visa through Hukoomi. In order to avail GCC instant visa service, a specific application has to be followed by everyone. The applicant will have to submit all documents including identity documents, education certificate and earning details. The documents have to be submitted along with specific visa and application fees. The normal application fee will be SR100 for each applicant. The visa would be issued to 201 authorized professionals. The issuance will be for at least period of 6 months. The passport of the applicant should also be valid for six months. The applicant has to take ticket from same origin point for exit and return.

The Gulf cooperation council is planning to introduce a Schengen style unified visa for all type of audience. This facility will also cover Kuwait as nation. GCC is planning to introduce 35 nationalities eligible for this facility. All kind of citizens like tourists, educationists and businessmen would be able to avail this opportunity. Kuwaiti expats would also get benefited by this opportunity but there are certain limitations on their edge. People from other than GCC countries can apply for GCC unified visa but there is a limitation for them. They have to assure authorities that they are not going to use this facility for working abroad in a legal or illegal way. This visa is solely for visiting purposes. Any individual can’t exploit the basic purpose of plan.

The assistant secretary of tourism at Kuwait ministry Samira Al Gharib told media that this plan is confirmed by interior authorities. By this option inter country visits will become easy and the resultant factor would be an awareness about different countries and nations. In order to opt this opportunity, individuals will have to fulfill certain conditions and has to follow a set procedure.

Al-Gharib confirmed that the new visa system would cover 35 nationalities across the world comprising of Arab countries and foreign as well. Moreover it is also mentioned by her that the purpose of visa is to provide leisure to different nations for visit of different culture. It is strictly prohibited to use these visas for work related purposes. According to secretary of tourism ministry, GCC offers visit visa to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and many more countries for Kuwaiti nationals. This is just a proposal on its way. There is expectation that the final plan shall be implemented from coming year in this regard. There are so many hurdles on its way right now and there is a need to settle down all matters according to rules and regulations to all countries involved in this project.

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