Thursday, November 20, 2014

Seductive Eye Makeup is to be Banned

We have come to know from unofficial sources that government of Saudi Arabia is bringing into account a very amazing law that will be effective soon. It is not related to prohibitions from drugs or gatherings or so but this is related to the natural beauty of the human face. Confused? This accounts on women being attractive from their eyes only! After implementation of this law, women will not be able to apply seductive makeup on their eyes to attract other men.

Women in Saudi Arabia will now be subject to a new law (not yet implemented) comprising of not applying seductive make up on the eyes. This may seem a bit too unfair but the fact is that the women of Saudi Arabia must cover themselves in such a way that they do not attract other men. They thus are always found covered in an Abaya that covers them from top to bottom. Most women cover their face as well and only leave their eyes to be visible. However, the laws are now changing after which they must cover their eyes as well if they apply seductive makeup!

This news caused me to think a lot about the possible outcomes from all of this but somehow maybe this can be acceptable since Saudi Arabia follows a completely Islamic based law. Accordingly it might be easy for them to accept this law and adhere to it properly. In the culture of Saudi Arabia women have to be dressed in such a way that they do not attract the opposite gender in anyway such as by the way they walk or talk or dress.

Seems to me that such laws can cause a lot of restrictions on the female gender but with that it helps them to keep their customs alive. Maybe if I were to edit this law a bit, I would question to the fact for covering the eyes if they are naturally beautiful. What would you do if your voice was sweet? Would you stay shut for the rest of your life?  Reconsidering this law will help certain families from fleeing the country as well. Too many restrictions can change many situations.

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