Sunday, November 23, 2014

Signing a Waiver Letter at Resignation

My boss is asking me to sign a letter that I have received all my due benefits from him (actually I have not received any of them) or else he will set a Huroob, what to do?

Question by Visitor
I need an advice what to do about my situation. I have been working here in KSA with my company as an engineer for 3 years. In May 2014, I filed a vacation, my boss allowed me to go, but before my vacation started I asked my boss about the situation of the company, if it is ok or not. There was no project with our company. He told me it is perfectly fine and I can take my vacation. If he had told me the truth, I would have filed final exit. In good faith I believed in him.

While I was on vacation, an employee from our company called me asking for my number as per instructions of my boss. He told me that my boss will call me and will ask me to extend my vacation for 3 months. I waited but no phone call received. Then I came back to KSA. I found out that our office is closed, there's no office there. I called my boss and he is very mad, telling me why I returned. I told him I waited for his call but no phone call. I try to call him but he did not want to talk to me. Now the problem is, I am asking for release so that I can find new job. But he is pressuring me to sign a waiver that can be used against me. I was able to find new company; I am hired already, just waiting for the new company to fix all the papers. But my boss forcing me to sign the waiver, threatening if I do not sign the waiver he will report me as Huroob. I am not asking for any money I am only asking for time to finish the transfer. Now I am confused, I haven’t done anything wrong, I need advice about this. Please help me.

Answer by Steve
Actually you have one issue, you want the sponsorship to be transferred to another Kafeel and your current Kafeel is not agreeing to it. They are not even providing you employment since they are almost close and asking you to sign a waiver letter. If you don’t sign the waiver letter, they will set a huroob status.

I think best action plan in this scenario is to contact them and take a copy of the letter they want you to sign. Read it in depth if it is in English or contact some Arabic friend to translate it to you if it is in Arabic. Try to understand from him the sole purpose of getting it signed and try to understand yourself the purpose by reading it. If his explanation and your understanding are same, there is no harm in signing it. Even if he is asking you to sign that he has paid you all the money due, you should agree to it in exchange of receiving transfer of sponsorship.

You can make it contingent that you will sign the waiver letter when he gives you the paper for transfer of sponsorship. Believe me, it is hell difficult to remove Huroob once it is set. So, try to avoid it as much as possible. Mutual reconciliation is the only way to sort it out. Just try to understand his point of view and let him understand your problem.


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