Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Taxi Meters to be installed in all taxis of Jeddah in 3 months

Two Days ago the Ministry of Transportation has announced the mandatory use of meters in taxis. This “law” is presumed to be in action within the next three months. Faisal Al-Zibin from the ministry is reported to have said that this will help to keep a proper check on Taxi fares and will help Taxi drivers to be connected to the interior and the board of transportation effectively. The basic purpose of this law is to ensure that drivers charge passengers for only what they use.

Laws like this can provide an important platform for the percentage of citizens that somehow are unintentionally forced to cough up cash for no reason at all. This can help in allowing the middle class people to save money and lower poverty by a fraction of a percent. To help the Ministry of Transportation, Faisal has stated that the next phase of this rule is to ensure that school vans and vehicles must be stimulated with Meters as well. To handle this responsibility twelve companies have been approved to calculate the meter fares. He has also said that soon other companies may be approached for use in other cities. If rules like this can be brought, in developing countries our community can be purified from illegal “pickpocketing” as I would like to call it.

The Ministry of Transport is polishing there administration as much as they possibly can to ensure a better future for their people and mainly for the city. Since Saudi Arabia is a very busy country that has ample of tourists coming in round the year due to pilgrimage this law can assure a good satisfaction from the tourists since they will be pleased by paying for only what they should. Happy Tourists ensures a good outcome for the tourism industry. In this way the tourists can use the money here to invest or use to buy something that can help the other industries of the country.  However the Ministry of Jeddah brings this law a whole year later than the Ministry of Riyadh. On 1 August 2013 the Ministry of Riyadh implied that the Taxis must be found using Meters effective right after Eid. All Jeddah taxi drivers will be required to rely on meter readings in the taxi for exacting fares from passengers. According to Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Vice President of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, the move was intended to reduce taxi fares.

It has been calculated that this has been effective in Riyadh and hopefully this plan will do the same for the citizens of Jeddah just as much. I am in hope that maybe such plans can be implemented in the underdeveloped and developing countries as well to reduce poverty. Maybe the ‘MeterRule’ can be an effective law and may be adopted by the rest of the states and cities of Saudi Arabia and sooner by other countries as well.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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