Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Perfect Wedding Ring for Saudi Bride

For a girl her wedding is the most prestigious and important day of her life. She begins to plan for this long before she even meets her life partner. A girl desires for this day to be absolutely perfect. It should be! For her wedding day to even begin with, the first most important day is the day when she is sent the engagement ring. That is how things are made a bit more official.  In the USA and UK for example a girl will be proposed by the boy himself by presenting the girl with a beautiful ring. That's the way to win the women in the west. But what happens in Saudi Arabia? It's not as simple. Because here girls and boys don't hang out or they don't even mingle. Their marriage is all decided by the family. The only day they both can interact is after their wedding. You may be wondering how does their engagement even takes place? Well for most people in Saudi Arabia it usually is by sending the ring to ‘the soon to be bride’ maybe a year before the wedding or months or weeks. Usually the groom presents the ring to the sister of the bride and she accepts it on behalf of the whole family. That's how the wedding preparations actually begin.

A more important question is that how do we know whether the bride has got the perfect wedding ring. I should correct you all right here first. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding ring! This isn't a competition. It's all about your choice and interest. Every girl can have a different idea about her perfect wedding ring. Like usually some girls would prefer a small simple ring with a diamond or sapphire in between and some may desire a bigger one sequenced with a lot of different stones like emeralds and rubies made from 24 karat gold. For instance I would prefer a platinum ring or a silver ring over one made from gold but well that's my perception right? A girl can dream. What's the tough part about all of this is the fact that the bride doesn't go shopping for the ring with her groom. Instead the ring is just selected by the mother in law or sister in law or maybe the groom himself. So it's on extremely lucky cases that the bride loves her engagement ring and even if she doesn't she may just have to live with it for the sake of not hurting the feelings of her in laws.

So if things don't go well with her wedding ring, she can always compensate it on her wedding dress. The Saudis have white wedding gowns usually and they prefer getting them custom made because of the extremely huge range of fabric available including chiffon, silk etc.

It's every girls dream for her wedding to go perfect, the way she had planned it. I think it should be taken into consideration of what she thinks and what the groom and bride both want since it's their big day and after that it belongs to someone else. Maybe families should ask the ‘soon to be bride’ of her choice or her taste to get a better idea. This way she'll know that her choice is just as important! As for the rest maybe they'll soon find a perfect wedding ring or sadly they'll just have to live with the imperfect one.

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