Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Challenges faced by the Working Women in Saudi Arabia

“Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good?” This proved to be one of the most appropriate quotes suitable for this read which belongs to Charlotte Whitton. She has tried to give the impression that a woman has to work a lot harder than a man to prove herself to be equally as good as a man. In our society women are not equally given the same appreciation as a man. Charlotte also tells all the women of the world that accomplishing that isn't a big of a deal!

Maybe in the western countries women are treated well enough like the men. They may be respected and treated the way they should be with respect to their job and work and area of expertise. However in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia women have to wait to find the right job where they may get exactly the pay they need. In Saudi Arabia it becomes quite difficult to make sure that the job you avail is the right match. Women have to go through a lot to get a Job firstly.

In many companies they first have to volunteer and let the company see their area of expertise and their skills. Respectfully they are then given a job of they turn out to be a good fit. However they are not paid equally to that of a man even though they might be working at the same designated post. The reason behind this may be uncountable. The first reason that comes to my mind relatively is that Saudi Men wouldn't consider it acceptable to be over powered by women of the society. It is proven however that women turn out to be more loyal, confident and hardworking than men. These characteristics help to increase sales and makes sure that more work can be done.

Many companies in Arabia first make these women work for a short period to judge them. However they are not paid. After that they are employed if considered well enough. The Women employed in companies have to look at a whole lot of factors such as the women have to be given a segregated work space. Along with that they may not be able to communicate directly with all of their costumers or clients because of their Hijaab and Niqaab. However the advantages are such that these women have a good way to fill their Cv's. This can help them in their future to get a better job.

Throughout all of this I'm hoping that these Saudi Women are not subjected to this sexual differentiation anymore. They should be paid equally to the men depending upon their merit. Women can accomplish anything whatever they put their effort into. This doesn't give a good impact towards the right of women. Companies who employ women in Saudi Arabia include “Kingdom holding” and “Abdul Latif Jamil” situated in Riyadh and Jeddah respectively. I hope their come more such companies that can help the women work force. This will not only help people who are unemployed but also increase profits for the country.


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