Friday, November 21, 2014

Timing of Receiving End of Service Benefits

When Should I receive End of Service Benefits if I am transferring to another sponsor?

Question by Visitor

  • Hi Steve, I was terminated on 01 Apr 2014 with a 1 month notice period, and from 30th Apr 2014 I am at home looking for a job, I worked for this company for 8 years, now for ESB my company says I will only get my ESB after I transfer to another company, is it true or I am still eligible to get my ESB?
  • The other thing is that, I got a new job, but I first have to transfer to new company and start my job, for transferring from old company to new company, is there any such rule where the new Company will require online Approval from my OLD Company? Is it true or not? My old company gave 3 documents requested by my new company, but still new company says they need old company's online approval? Please let me know.

Answer by Steve

  • As far as your first question is concerned, your sponsor is right. You will get the ESB at the time of transfer of sponsorship. There is no timeline for money to be collected.
  • Secondly, now transfer of sponsorship is done online as well. Online transfer of sponsorship is easier so companies look for that. So the claim of your previous employer is right.

Comment by Visitor

  • Regarding my second question, I think I couldn't explain you properly, my second question goes like this, I want to join a NEW COMPANY but NEW COMPANY wants online approval from OLD COMPANY, but OLD COMPANY says no need for the approval; in this way my transfer process is at halt, now what is the solution?
  • OLD COMPANY says that the NEW COMPANY has to go to Maktab Al Amal and within 5 minutes they can transfer you to new company but they don’t want to go. NEW COMPANY says online APPROVAL from OLD COMPANY is compulsory? In this way my transfer process is halted since 1 month or more?

Answer by Steve
Old and New Companies both are right. If new company goes to the Jawazat, the process can be completed very easily. If old Kafeel generates the online request, the process can be completed very easily. I think your old Kafeel does not have online account of Jawazat.  In Simple words, both of them new and Old Kafeel are showing idleness.

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