Friday, November 28, 2014

Tips on Conversing with an American Citizen

Human being is a social animal and it is not possible for him to live in isolation. Everyone needs fellow human beings for his day to day needs as well. People move to other countries very often and they meet other human beings having difference of culture, the language spoken etc.  They have to live in that society so they need to communicate with others, even this need of conversation may occur during a long journey. Here I will be discussing how would be a better way for a Saudi resident to break the ice and start conversation with an American national. It is a very strong presumption that Americans are less shy than Saudi people so it is easy to start conversation with them, though it is an important point to know that Saudis are also not short of words as Arabic is older language and it has a rich vocabulary as well.

To start a conversation with American citizen, a simple greeting will be sufficient and once the conversation is started it will continue as both the American and Saudi will have many questions to ask each other. The Americans are inhabited of exchanging greetings with almost everyone they come across and Saudi’s being Muslims have almost the same habit so it bridges the gap very quickly. How the conversation can be carried on further?

What to discuss with Americans?
Discussion about weather can be a very good topic as it is also can’t be a reason of getting annoyed unlike a debate on religious or political views. One can be asked about the weather of his area, the fruits or crops that are grown in that weather conditions. If there is a special event going on in that person’s native place he may be asked about that event and his likes and dislikes about that. Hobbies, field of study, favorite foods are also very good topics to talk about with Americans. One may talk about a topic very different than the topics discussed here. As I said earlier these are just the topics that can be a good start for a conversation with a stranger. It is natural that once the conversation starts it takes its own path to flow. An American can likely be very happy to get questions about his favorite places to spend holidays; he may happily give advice on what to visit or where to dine in his area.

What should not be discussed with Americans?
Some matters that may not be good to discuss with a stranger American are politics and religion specially. One may avoid discussing these as they can heat up the atmosphere of discussion. Many people are strict about their political views. Religion is also said to be a matter of blind beliefs for many Americans. With the passage of time the conversation may create a kind of frankness between the two. In that case an American will be comfortable if he is asked about his marital status and about his children as well. He may naturally ask the same questions in turn. It is also not unusual if the American exchanges contact information or invites his new friend to his home. It is also not unusual if the whole family greets that new guest and greetings and pleasantries are passed regardless of being male or female.

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