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Top 10 Fattest Countries in the World

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I would like to discuss and talk about Top 10 Fattest Countries of the world. You should not be amazed to know that Saudi Arabia is at number 2 of the top 10 fattest countries in the world. Moreover, first five fattest countries in the world are all Arab countries. The purpose of this post is to create awareness among the readers to take care of their health. Obesity is a disease and we must take measures to control it. Obesity For many women one of the most common topics of discussion for them is how much weight they’ve gained or how fat they’ve gotten and different types of diets they are on. Every month you’ll meet the same pair of ladies with the same topic to discuss every time!. The data for this post was compiled by the website I know different websites publish different figures and this information is not very accurate. But still, this post can be treated like an awareness post to start working on obesity.

Today however I’ll be giving you readers a genuine outline of the top ten countries of the world that showcase and exhibit their talent of having the people who are fat. I’ll be starting off with the people based on their percentage starting with the highest going down to the lowest.

  1. Kuwait is on the top of the table with a 42.8% population who are fat. When the Americans arrived in Kuwait during the first Gulf War they brought along their fast foods with them. They took their revenge on every possible way. Bravo Americans!
  2. The next country on the table is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a 35.2% where medical institutions have said that during the coming years the state will be facing many health challenges. 72% of the population of Saudi Arabia are claimed to be Obese.
  3. Third up is Egypt with a 34.6%. The people their drink soda cans nearly five times each day.
  4. On number Four we have Jordan with 34.3% where the rate of Obesity for women is double to that for men.
  5. Fifth up is the Unite Arab Emirates with 33.7%. To help out their citizens a campaign took place in Dubai where contestants were rewarded with two grams of pure gold worth $90 for every two kilos they lost. This was a thirty day challenge and this proved to be much successful!
  6. Continuing on with number six we have the Country of South Africa with a 33.5%. Most people may question and think that famines are most commonly associated with the people of Africa but now many will have to reconsider their opinion.
  7. Mexico is commonly known for their delicious foods comprising of nachos and tacos and salsa and all the glory of Mexican wraps. Along with this they are also known to be the top seventh country with a 32.8% on their Obesity chart.
  8. How can the Originator of Fast Foods be not on this table?  The United States of America is on number eight with a total of 31.8% of population.
  9. Then comes by Venezuela with 30.8%
  10. Last definitely the least among the countries listed above is Trinidad and Tobago with 30% of Population being fat.

It’s just very odd that I had never heard of these states before in my entire life. Well there’s always a first time right? It’s pretty ironic that there is a long coverage of Middle Eastern States and Countries. I need to wonder why. Until next time I come along with more facts and Figures Adios Amigo’s! Keep your bellies in your shirts, there’s nothing more that will define you properly!
Source: The Richest

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