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Top 10 most beautiful Saudis for 2017

In KSA a social survey has been conducted on several portals, website and publically opinioned. The topic was to select top ten most beautiful Saudis of 2014. The results came out in favor of most famous and good looking celebrities. Here is a top to down list of selected Saudis considered most beautiful by public opinion on various plat forms.

1 - Nadine Al-Budair
At the first rank Al-Budair stands. She is the most favored and liked celebrity in regard of looks, grace and personality. According to most men and even women, Al-Budair has killing looks and dashing personality that can easily hypnotize anyone in moments. She is considered as most gorgeous woman by majority in KSA. She is running a show on Rotana Network and is active related to social and religious issues of Saudi women

2 - Princess Ameerah Al-tweel
On second rank, Princess Ameerah Al-tweel stands. She is indeed a beautiful and stunning lady. Being wife of one of richest men in KSA she has been in limelight since ages. She was the most beautiful choice of Prince Waleed bin Talal. Despite of their divorce, Al tweel has not lost her popularity and is considered most beautiful women by public.

3 - Nuwailati
She is at number 3 in race of most beautiful people in Saudi Arabia. Although she is new in showbiz still she gained popularity in a very short time period. She is currently hosting a show on famous TV channel known as Subscribe.

4 - Sindi
He is # 4. He took start of his work as a presenter on YouTube on a famous show called Hashtag. The show worked very well and he got famous in no time. Still number 4 shows his intense popularity among public.

5 - Abdullah
She got rank 5 by performing very well in a famous TV show. In that show she performed a role of a bold woman with marriage events in her life. This role was surprising especially in context of Saudi woman, who are facing so many restrictions. This role made her famous in few days of his career. A strange offer of half million riyals is being offered by a millionaire to any man who can convince Abdullah for marriage. This offers shows influence of her stunning looks. 

6 - Al-Faryan
He is one of most good looking men in KSA. His cause of popularity is his mini sermons on twitter and Youtube, these sermons attracts most public and moves them. This causes likeness for Al Faryan among public.

7 - Al Jumaah
He is a lecturer as well as author. His famous book in Riyadh book fair sold out even up to cut short range. This shows her fame among women and other people in KSA.

8 - Al-Dosari
His radio show is famous among public and makes him stand in between top ten beautiful Saudis.

9 - Alazzouni
She is dress designers. She is the first choice of most celebrities for their dress choice. She is beautiful and talented and a well groomed woman in KSA.

10 - Badr Alzidane
He started his career as disk jockey on a radio show. This show contributed a little in his career. Right after this start he participated in keeking. This step forward in his career moved him a lot and raised his fan following up to millions on Twitter and other famous social media forums. He is also running a game show on the MBC network which is increasing his popularity day by day.

The above post was initially published on Saudi Woman. All the research work related to this post was done by the aforesaid blog.

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