Monday, November 24, 2014

Transferring from Wife’s Sponsorship

Can I transfer from wife’s sponsorship to the employer and get back to her sponsorship after sometime?

Question by Visitor
I highly appreciate your work here. Man it’s more a cause seriously because I would say it’s the most reliable and accurate source of information for expats in KSA. So to the point, I am on a dependent visa my wife is a doctor and by profession I am an Information System Analyst. So after coming here I am working (on same dependent Iqama status) here and there (freelancing/mediation etc.) and have being successful getting my piece of Riyals in. However, I am fully aware that it’s illegal and there's lot of checking going on these days so I would like to inquire couple of things:

  1. If I go about transferring my sponsorship to a company or an individual Kafeel (businessman) am I even allowed doing so? If Yes then does the Two Year Rule is applied in my case also? As my previous Kafeel is my wife who will have no problem in releasing me
  2. As my Kafalat will be changed the Change of Profession on my Iqama will be same as the procedure you mentioned in one of your articles?
  3. Let’s say after a year or so my New Kafeel decides to release me can I go back to my wife's kafalat or I have to go on a final exit.

Answer by Steve
Thank you very much for the appreciation. I will answer your questions one by one in the same sequence.
  1. Yes, you can be transferred from your wife’s sponsorship to the company if your new company is willing to take your sponsorship. Status of Twoyears rule can be seen by clicking on this link. So, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. However, your wife and her Kafeel will have to permit your transfer from her sponsorship to the other Kafeel.
  2. No, the procedure for you will be different. At the time of transfer of sponsorship, your profession will be changed first and after that transfer will be made. However, you don’t need to worry about it since your employer will be taking care of all this.
  3. Yes, you can go back to Kafalat of your wife provided that your current Kafeel agrees to do so, your wife and her Kafeel also agree to take you under her Kafalat. Moreover, there will be transfer of sponsorship fee as well.
  4. We have published a separate article upon the subject "Procedure to Transfer the Dependent’s Sponsorship to Employer", I think it can be a useful read for you.

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